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Is there a day in the week when you just feel you have lost all control and the balance is going the wrong way? The house is a mess, the washing is piling up, your low on food and so on. For me it's usually a Wednesday or a Thursday. So I preempt this loss of control the evening before by paying particular attention to my daily task list. (this is the same list for every week day and it's a list of the things that, if done, will help keep the house (and people in it) running smoothly.) . Life is busy and not every day is the exact same but ensure you get those core tasks done and breath! #organise #plan #keepitsimple #intent
Trader Joe’s carried these cute little kiwi berries last year too and we loved them! I gave little William some yesterday and he ate all of them except for the last one which he decided needed to be smushed. “Mommy clean my hands! My hands are all messy!” (Swipe to the side for more pics) #thankstraderjoes #traderjoes #kiwiberries #babylovesfruit
Todo es mejor en la playa ☀️🌊 💙salty water #saltyhair #quieroplayasiempre 🐠 #australia #funday #bepresent #keepitsimple
Gold sea.
Con ella descubrí que hay amores eternos que duran lo que dura un corto invierno. #love
Lunch 8pt+ Made myself some homemade chicken salad today, which I was going to have over salad but hubby forgot to pick up my spring mix 😒 anyways, it was just as good on a @missionfoodsus carb balance tortilla. Added a few marinated tomatoes & red onion and it was the perfect combination. 😋 . . . #wwjourney #weightlossmotivation #pointsplus #mindfulchoices #healthychoices #igotthis #keepitsimple #keepingitreal #accountability #homemade #forgetfulhusband
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