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Kerja bakti dwi mingguan warga, pak mantri paling total nih bersihin gotnya. yelah si hansip mo bersih2 aja pake celana unyu begitu, #TomohisaYamashita #Yamapi #TomHolland #RyoRyusei #YamazakiKento #MasakiOkada #TakumiKitamura #KeanuReeves
So , I really wanted this movie to be something . It was up my visual artistic alley and the storyline told through a trailer and said visuals agreed with me and wanted to see it. Last night I watched it and ehhhhhhhh. It started with a wonderful wtf moment full of blood and Ace of Bass and backing music . That truly tickled me to the point where when Karma Camilion came on I was floored . However after that I was sort of lost with the actual direction other than Joshua Malmoa going to the clueless tv show version of Khal. His character is always almost the same when it’s to be cool and edgy . I actually expected far more action and then when I realized their wouldn’t be , I expected far more indie . Then I’m like whyyyyyyyyy is Keanu Reeves a weirdo ? The best part of this movie was Jim Carey . Hands down. This movie would have been cool for a music video by like a Ciara comeback but certainly not for this . I give it 👊🏾👊🏾👊👊👊 2 👊🏾 out of 5 #thebadbatch #sukiwaterhouse #jasonmomoa #keanureeves #jimcarrey #movies #review #movie
A babe 😍