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Kidlet ✔Hubby ✔ Puppies ✔ Kitties ✔ Dog bones, kitties and wine. Hello Stephanie #ladygaga #ladygaganow #fivefoottwo #goodnight #wine #wolfdogsofinstagram #friday #joannetour #joanneworldtour #respect #hubbycares #dogsloveme #catslover
I HAVE A BIG STORYTIME😭🦄 So I went to the gym today thinking it was going to be a normal day and I came across a new trainer. And I got to know him. After us talking for a while he told me that he was a body guard. Wait for it. FOR LADY GAGA! He had many drinks with her, hung out with her, and even got to be with the dj on stage with her during Artrave: The Artpop Ball. This is like the biggest dream come true. No joke I almost fainted. I asked him a bunch of questions about her and what she’s like and he told me she’s extremely nice. I can’t tell you how much that one conversation means to me. She’s saved my life so many times and I’d just like to give her a hug and tell her I love her one day. I will remember this for the rest of my life. Ahh🦄 Love you Gaga! @ladygaga Personal Account: @mattjjoseph Fan accounts we love! @ladygagatattoos @ladygaganewz @ladygaga.now @ladyartgaga @gagalandro @gagabowl @ladygagarazzii @gaga_polaroid #ladygaga #joanneworldtour #artpop #artrave #bornthisway #monster #littlemonsters #thefame #thefamemonster #gaga #pawsup #fivefoottwo
NEW!! The Netflix tour bus in New York to go around to all the iconic Gaga spots! They’ve got shirts and temporary tattoos!🌟 📸 @monster4lifenewz (Guys thank you so much for reminding me to give credit. I really don’t mean to be like that. Thanks for understanding :) Personal Account: @mattjjoseph Fan accounts we love! @ladygagatattoos @ladygaganewz @ladygaga.now @ladyartgaga @gagalandro @gagabowl @ladygagarazzii @gaga_polaroid #ladygaga #joanneworldtour #artpop #artrave #bornthisway #monster #littlemonsters #thefame #thefamemonster #gaga #pawsup #fivefoottwo
#gagafivefoottwo The documentary was amazing and deep I'm really in love with it ♡ I saw another side/perspective of you and things that we don't see that you do and go trough daily, it was hard to see you cry and see that pain but you are so strong it's crazy and that is amazing.. you inspire me so deeply and you have always been since the first time in 2007 and you still do and you'll always do cuz the first time I saw your face, heard your music I knew that you were my sunshine♡ Many things I saw in the documentary I could relate to, I was shaking and crying, laughing, smiling trough this documentary it's truly the loveliest documentary with emotion, pain, love, family. I'm so proud of you 🙏❤ we all are, we love you sm ♡ no matter what, we will be by your side and that's always and forever, I adore you sm you are such a special human in this world, I knew from the beginning that you were gonna come this far and you are 💯 gonna go even further no doubt. Sweet sweet angel WE ❤ U 🔒 @ladygaga
Dog sitting and watching GaGa documentary on Netflix!?! #bestlife