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#лифтолук или когда на работе даже лифт произведение искусства 😄❤️ #ilovemyjob #louvre
Good times at work 😊 🙏 #vettech #rvt #ilovemyjob #snapchatfilters
There's always a sense of surprise and sheer pleasure when I look up from a project and see what kind of mess was made that day, like a visual poem of the mind processing the heart. Sometimes it's just covered in grime and tools and other times its a collection of precious little treasures arranged together all halfhazardly sweet. There is usually a tarot card in the mix since I like to ask my higher guides a lot of exhausted unanswerable questions. I've pulled the death card countless times in the past few years and have come to love it as a reminder of the pure gold that comes from deep inner work. Today, the Scorpio New Moon could be pretty deep dark for some who habitually ignore the signs their soul has been showing them and it might feel simple to those who have decidedly stopped running from their shit, which is not exactly a walk in the park either. That's the goal, to readjust and discard what we think we have to be doing because it's not truly who we are. What we are and/or do actually doesn't matter that much, it's just an ego grab for identity. Letting that go can feel like a death of sort, especially if being whatever comes naturally to you without the validation of others is possibly the scariest thing you can think of. Look up and see what it is. See that love incarnate, be your own validator. Shine a light on that shadow and see what's really there, it might just be you hiding from the light. #ilovemyjob #spiritualityforshitheads
#CubeLife. By appearance, it would seem like two people work here, but in reality it’s just me trying to always get twice as much done. #hardwork #apeekintomyworld #ilovemyjob
Done with this armor half sleeve for now🖤 #armortattoo #chainmail #halfsleeve #ilovemyjob