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🌟 I've just wrapped up my very first Spoil You Focus Group this past week and it was so fun that I've decided to open up a group for December! ⭐️ Have you ever wondered what essential oils could do for you and your family? This group focuses on bringing in oil newbies to try FREE dōTERRA samples over the course of 5 days! We do daily giveaways, go over DIY recipes, address health concerns and you'll get to pick my brain about essential oils! ✨ I'm looking for 30 people to spoil! Sign in now & answer all of the questions to reserve your spot today! ⚡️ LINK IN BIO! #essentialoils #holisticliving #healthandwellness #holistic #aromatherapy #meditation
Currently fighting off a cold.. this was a few weeks ago #mood #healthandwellness #swim
WANT A FREE doTERRA WHOLESALE CUSTOMER MEMBERSHIP? I’ll be giving away ONE membership on Monday before NOON so read below on how YOU can win! Also, all non-members will have the opportunity to become members and get wholesale pricing instead of retail pricing for their orders. 1. Simply comment below THIS graphic if you are not currently a wholesale member. I'll add you into our FB event for BOGO week so you can see all the deals. Then, I will choose the winner by Monday at NOON. You'll set your membership up the same day (MUST be done by 4pm), and I'll immediately reimburse you (via Venmo) the cost of the membership (tax and shipping included)! WHAT?! Yep, pretty cool! WHY BECOME A MEMBER? *Wholesale pricing! 25% off everything! *Your own personal support person. (ME!) *Access to our private educational FB support group that is exclusive to our members. *The ability to participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program which gives you additional freebies and perks. *Full or partial reimbursed shipping with every order. *A 1-on-1 Membership Overview where your support person helps you get a plan for any health goals you may have and walks you through how your membership works and how to maximize it. *No obligation to order monthly, but you certainly can for added benefits.
What’s in your diffuser right now? Here’s what’s going on at my house: Master Bedroom - Exodus II, Boys Room - Peace + Calming, Downstairs - Sacred Mtn, Northern Lights Black Spruce + Christmas Spirit 🙌🏻 #yleo
R E L A T I O N S H I P S + E X P R E S S I ON. Workin’ it on the weekends. Bringing years of whispers to life for women’s health and wellness.
They’re doing it again! They’re bringing BOGOs back!! How amazing is this? Thank you dōTERRA for making it easier to stock up on my favorite things! 💜
Been a little absent for a couple days and there’s no real reason for it 🤔😂🤷🏽‍♀️ good shoulder session done today 💪🏽 ⁉️⁉️does anyone else have one shoulder that seems to be higher than the other on their shoulder exercises?!? It bugging me and I’m not sure how to fix it 🤔⁉️⁉️
True dat. #foodforthought . Have a #blessed #weekend ❤️
This started off as a journey to improve my health and has grown into so much more. I have created new friendships with amazing, supportive people. I have reached goals and to strive to reach other. I have been pushed to venture outside my comfort zone and I am so thankful!! Looking forward to what my future holds and for what I will be able to accomplish. #healthyliving #transformation #mompreneur #reachinggoals #healthandwellness #healthyeating #amazingfriendships #outsidecomfortzone #helpingotherssucceed
Top 10 best bathroom cabinet on our bio 😊👆
Last Night Diffuser Blend 😴 👉 Bergamot eo memberikan manfaat yang menenangkan, menciptakan perasaan sukacita, kesegaran dan energi dengan meningkatkan sirkulasi darah. Membantu mengatasi emosi yang sedang galau 😄 👉Lavender EO memiliki segudang manfaat!! My swiss army knife 😁. Lavender memberikan perasaan yang menenangkan dan membantu mengurangi kecemasan dan meningkatkan kualitas tidur 👍 👉Cedarwood EO salah satu manfaatnya adalah meredakan ketegangan, sehingga memberikan perasaan yang menenangkan ketika di diffuse. Really help me to get my beauty sleep 😁 👉Vetiver EO adalah agen penenang yang efektif, membuat pikiran dan tubuh menjadi santai, sehingga menyeimbangkan hormon secara alami. Masih banyak lagi sebenarnya manfaat dari EO warna warni ini! RESEARCH, READ, TRY & BE AMAZED 😍 If you need someone to guide you and want to join awesome team in Young Living.. Feel free to WA me 👉 0815 1832 313 #youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #yleo #younglivingindonesia #momschoice #insomnia #sleep #healthandwellness #healthandbeauty #essentialoils #jakarta #jabodetabek #tebet #malang #surabaya #solo #yogyakarta
Blueberry mint smoothie bowl. YES YES and more YES! Thank you @emilieeats for your inspiration. Recipe: 2 frozen bananas 1.5 cups blueberries 6 mint leaves, fresh 1/2 cup non-dairy milk 1 scoop Vanilla protein powder (I love Vega one) 1 tbsp flaw seeds 1 tbsp chia seeds  1tsp vanilla extract  Toppings: coconut flakes, walnuts, blueberries, more banana, chia seeds, ANYTHING YOU WANT!
Some of you asked to see my pantry... well here it is in all its glory! 😂 As much as I wish I had the walk in pantry of my dreams, this is what we’re working with for the next few years! Being organized is a huge priority of mine. Otherwise, I would lose my mind! I don’t really eat dry snacks if you can’t tell besides some paleo granola to top morning smoothie bowls. These are all of my ingredients to cook/bake with. ▪️I organize my powders, nuts, flakes & seeds in @ball.mason.jars & @weckjars. I got a water based paint @sharpie to label each jar. ▪️ I got some clear containers to store apples & plantains. (I do have a fruit basket on the counter, but it’s full! These do just fine in the pantry though because the apples are for the dogs & keeping plantains in here actually helps ripen them!) ▪️I also have a wick basket in another drawer to hold my sweet potatoes & onions ▪️I sort everything from tall to short so I can see what I have in the back and so it looks neat & pretty 😍 I definitely need more @weckjars to hold more flours & other items in bags for a more clean look. I’ll wait to do that when we move beginning of next year. For now, this helps!