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Snow days.
16.12.2017 Miroir d'eau (Water Mirror) are magnificent!!! It's in the middle of one of the sights of Bordeaux "Place de la Bourse" and the river "Garonne". And there will be the best with having their specialities pastry "Cannelés" at the same time. This is the most wonderful moment at Bordeaux to me.
Behind every good kid is a great dad...
🏆 YEEZYS with no stripes 🏆. || 💸📷 c/o: @everyones.rival | | Tag #NIKEBOYZZZ for a shot at a feature when you post PUBLIC your 🔥🔥🔥!
A journey through space and rhyme?! Today was one of the coolest days I have had all semester. It may be one sided, but I love taking pictures of people that I am close to. I feel joy in being able to hold on to these moments. We didn't even do much more than sit around a table, yet in the midst of all this transcience I treasure the times of tranquility between friends. We are like a fleet of boats in still waters. Just enjoying each other's company. _ 💃 "Madeleine" Canon t6i Canon 50mm _
Happy birthday to me, life goes by to fast
It’s easy to feel alone in a city full of people.
Finally took advantage of my fake ID and got myself into some bars with the coolest co workers around 😜
Thank you @aji_ss92 for sharing your moment with us! Keep post your best shots mate! #dndexe #showyourcuts #dreamndignity @dndexecution @dndexecutionstore
High sighted above 75 south
While you sleep 💫
Local views
Bun Bo Hue for breakfast 🍜
For the haters 😎😝
Happy bday @krish.gh ill hit you if I ever visit 🇮🇳
Constructed in 1908, the Red Mosque is a historical landmark and recognized as one of the oldest mosques in Colombo.  The architecture and design are what makes it stand out in a highly industrialized area. The uniform contrast of red and white bricks next to each other, topped off with a couple of bulbous domes are what gave it its more commonly known identity as the 'Red Mosque'. #srilanka . . . #passionpassport #moodygrams #sombresociety #postthepeople #thecreatorclass #portraitmood #streetlife_award #chasinglight #artofvisuals #makeportraits #hsdailyfeature #killeverygram #way2ill #highsnobiety #peoplescreatives #makemoments #yngkillers #fatalframes #streetdreamsmag #justgoshoot #createexplore #hypebeast #citykillerz #hboutthere #illgrammers #igmasters #mkexplore #exploreeverything #mobilemag
my kind of "siopao bun"
Keep it mello
Bday part II. Thank you for your hospitality, @mortonssteak! And thanks for treating me out broskies @baiidaniel @sam71983 So full!!! #bdaydinner
DAY 108 | YEHEY merry christmas from fishroar and we hope that everyone who got gifts from us very much likes it. we are sorry for we are broke so we shared money to buy u gifts heehhee SEE U IN 2 WEEKS 🎄
THOT PATROL 📷: @mishalud
>> You’d be surprise who the love of your life turns out to be. After all, adventure fell in love with the lost. <<
Spiff passé. Spiff sport. Spiff sounds. Spiff everything. Just give us your patience for a bit longer and we'll deliver. Season 3 drops soon. @spiffpasse
They don’t like to see you winnin’.. _________________________________________________________
weekend mood
Le fam.