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You think Muhammad Ali's greatest fights came inside the ring? Nope. They came outside the ring; from becoming the first man to single handedly defeat the United States of America in the Supreme Court. Which officially proved he was right all along; by refusing to be inducted into the army and by even going as far as refusing to have any part in an unjust* war in Vietnam due to his Islamic beliefs (that preaches Peace, Love, Equality). Why does the western world seem to want people like YOU to believe that Islam is an evil religion? When true Muslims pray 5 times every single day for Peace, Love, Strength and Wisdom while submitting to the one and only God (Allah). Islam is one of the oldest and untouched* religions in the whole world. Key word is untouched (unedited). IS THE reason because an individual such as MUHAMMAD ALI can become so fearless of this life that they can even go as far as standing up to their own country, the most powerful country in the world; The United States or America? at a time when icons were being executed without thought (including those closest to Muhammad Ali himself, i.e. Malcolm X) and to simply say, 'Do what you got to do, even if it means facing machine gun fire on that day for standing for my religious beliefs, I will never denounce the religion of Islam, I am ready to die'. Islam is a Spiritual religion, whenever you start to say something negative about one of history's most peaceful religions remember 2 things - where did the war on the middle-east come from? (For the sake of a few brainwashed, twisted and evil people EVERYBODY had to pay the price?) Culprits whose philosophy is "we kill those, who kill others, because killing others is wrong." What about Slavery? - the native Americans being tortured and wiped out then repopulated the country of America? The KKK, Adolf Hitler, The Nazi's.... and the ATOMIC BOMB? Yes thats right, the most prolific evil acts that ever existed in history. They decide to wipe out everything in their path; all the innocent men, women, children, elderly just to show their own dominance. When YOU seem to be educated on Islam, ask yourself "How did you become knowledgeable of Islam?" More 👇👇
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