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Happy four months my love. I know you've been busy lately, and so have I but I want you to know that I love you with all of my heart, you are my world darling, hope to see you soon❀️
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˗ˏˋ #vicπŸ’Œjoon ΛŠΛŽΛ— i’m beginning to learn what true happiness is because of you. it isn’t something magnificent or large rather small and unique. happiness is watching the love of your life grow to be this blooming flower watered by the sheer dedication and talent you possess. real happiness comes from within. and within you is nothing but gold. your heart expands across the horizon leaving a trail of love wherever you go, impacting millions of lives without ever even knowing it. thank you for that. thank you for teaching me what true happiness is, thank you for guiding me, thank you for making me happy, thank you for being my happiness. i love you more than words from any language could ever express. stay smiling, angel. i love you so much. β™‘
everytime i look at this picture i get that satisfying feeling when u pull up ur jeans and they fit right over your ass is this just me or???
essential question of the day : does billie ever wear anything besides puffy jackets and sweatpants ? no. @wherearetheavocados #billieeilish
ti amo. β™‘πŸƒ
hi i’m logan🌈🀯 and i just sneezed comment ur name letter by letter for a tbh thx
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