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The Last Jedi is a fantastic and incredibly satisfying film in every way. It was full of drama, humor, jaw dropping action sequences and edge of your seat moments. I feel that it is the most emotionally moving and funniest film in the franchise. There are some real moments of hope and despair in the film. It is definitely one of the best Star Wars films and it also makes The Force Awakens a stronger film. I really loved it. Oh and the Porgs were hilarious!
Watching the extended director's cut! A fun festive movie to put ya in the mood! "Put that cookie down!"
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🎬Watching the Director's Cut🎬
Spider-Man Homecoming is Sony's third attempt at starting a Spider-Man franchise except this time they have the help of Marvel Studios. Did it pay off? Hell yeah it did. What we got from Sony and Marvel Studios is a fun, entertaining well directed Spider-Man movie, one we haven't got since the days of Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi Trilogy. It charming, funny (mostly), well acted and felt different than the usual crop of Marvel Cinematic Universe films we get. I love how the film wasn't just your typical big explosions comic book film. We get to see Peter Parker the high school student and his struggle of trying to be a student, friendship, love and trying to fit in being everyone's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Tom Holland was fantastic as Peter Parker and Spider-Man. I love Tobey Maguire's version but give Holland another film and he might take the crown. Michael Keaton was brilliant as always. We finally have a villain was enjoyable. He wasn't trying to take on the avengers, take over earth or spread himself throughout the universe. All he wanted was to provide for and take care of his family after damage control screwed him out of his clean up job he had. That scene with him, peter and liz in the car was so intense and i loved how when he finally put it all together the green street light shun on his face. The little things like that were great. Thankfully Tony Stark was hardly in here. RDJ was great in his little screen time. I think Happy Hogan had more time. Loved Ned even though he was a bit annoying at times. Michelle was great. Wasn't in too much but every scene with her was great especially her flipping peter off. Score was great too but Danny Elfman's was better. While i can't say i like it more than Spider-Man 2 it's pretty dang close and definitely one of the mcu's best. Can't wait for a sequel. Spider-Man Homecoming gets an A- from me.
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What the fuck? Batman and Harley Quinn is easily the worst animated film DC has gave us so far. Who wrote this? Bruce Timm or some sixteen year old fan fiction writer from Tumblr? This is just plain awful on every level and is a complete and utter insult to the legacy of Batman The Animated Series. The jokes are so painfully unfunny. Fart Jokes and Batman saying it doesn't smell that bad? Unnecessary sexual stuff between Nightwing and Harley. Lots of cursing just to please the edgy cool kids who think cursing makes a comic book movie "so much better". Then the film abruptly ending with Batman and Nightwing kissing Harley? Batman The Animated Series is everything this film most definitely was not. The only decent thing in this is the animation which is obviously inspired by BTAS of course. Don't know why Kevin Conroy agreed to this shit. I need to go watch Mask of the Phantasm so I can clean my eyes of whatever this was. Batman and Harley Quinn gets an F from me.
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Very impressed with this film! Was intetesting to see Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen together outside of the Avengers world haha but they nailed their parts and I was intrigued from start to finish! #windriver #jeremyrenner #elizabetholsen #taylorsheridan #movie #movies #movienight #movietime #movielover #filmlover #moviebuff #filmbuff #movieweekend #cinema #cinephile
My most anticipated movie of 2017 is FINALLY here 👌 #nowwatching Star Wars: The Last Jedi 😍 Without spoilers, what did you think of The Last Jedi? Are you planning on seeing it this weekend? Please let me know in the comments! #moviebuff #cinema #cinephile #film #filmlover #anticipated #starwars #thelastjedi #rianjohnson #markhamill #daisyridley #adamdriver #carriefisher #johnboyega #oscarisaac
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STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI – 2017 STARS: 6/10 This journey to a galaxy far, far away begins as a melodramatic and poorly acted tumble of attempts to recreate epic moments, give the audience cheap laughs and showcase the latest CGI. Now of course we have all learnt to expect truly ground-breaking visuals of the Star Wars franchise and I guarantee that this piece will not disappoint you on that score, however it feels as though they are scraping the bottom of an already empty barrel – and the mixture of throwaway catch lines and overemphasised dramatic tension really does not help in pardoning this at all. There were some “wows” – undeniably – but there were too many headshakes and rolling eyes to accompany them. Happily, once the film transitions from “beginning” to “middle” stage, it is as though a switch has been turned. Suddenly the weak semblance of a plot reaches a climax and the story comes together and becomes unexpectedly gripping – even original, to a degree. Almost everything that has hindered investment in the plot thus far either improves out of sight or ceases to matter. Even the acting quality goes up a notch, as the minor supporting roles are gradually filtered out so that the leads can be given more focus. Unfortunately, ploys to lend the piece a larger degree of relatability for the modern viewer continue to be made throughout, and I say unfortunately because – although this is usually a sound manoeuvre that encourages audience investment – Star Wars is not reality and any attempts to make it seem so are far more likely to distance the audience from the story than draw them closer. Then the ending – although it topped the beginning by at least four stars – was a bit of a disappointment. However, given that mundane, predictable and incomplete endings are now the code of modern film I don’t think we can hold that against this one. In short, go see this, but it might be prudent to lower your expectations first!
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Film aficionado Jason Noles is lending us his amazing Star Wars collection at our San Diego location for the true #starwarsfan to enjoy. That sweater alone deserves a double tap! 👏🏼 #angelikafilmcenter • • • • • • • #sandiego #starwars #movies #thelastjedi #filmlover #carmelmountain
Bu depresif ve üzücü konuyu ancak hissiyatsız ve ifadesiz oyuncularıyla (Suriye’li de olsalar) bir Kaurismäki karamizahı kotarabilirdi. Toivon Tuolla Puolen (The Other Side of Hope) by Aki Kaurismäki from 2017. #director #auteur #akikaurismäki #theothersideofhope #comedy #drama #blackcomedy #karamizah #helsinki #finland #finnish #cinema #finlandiya #sinemasi #scandinavian #iskandinav #comtemporary #güncel #kino #film #filmgeek #movienerd #movielover #filmlover #movie #movies #sinema #cinephile #sinefil #kinokammer
25 Days of Christmas #14 Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 3: Better Watch Out! I've seen all of the Silent Night Deadly Night franchise before and this is honestly my least favorite which is kinda crazy when you look at the people involved.  First it's got fucking Two Lane Blacktop director Monte Hellman.  Then genre vet Bill Moseley taking over killer Santa Ricky from Part 2.  And David Lynch alums Leo Johnson and Benjamin Horne of Twin Peaks along with Laura Harring of Mulholland Drive (I know, I interchanged character names and actor names, fight me). How the fuck did this movie end up so lame. Listen technically it's more competent than the Frankenstein's mess of a movie that Part 2 is but where Part 2 is so bad it's good, Part 3 commits the cardinal sin of being boring.  They resurrect Ricky with  basically a fishbowl on his head covering his exposed brain and he has a psychic connection with a blind lady.  She wakes him up out of a coma and he stumbles his way around trying to find her.  The plot is just a mess and makes no sense and it takes itself way too seriously.  None of the kills are very entertaining and a whole bunch of nothing happens. All you had to do was put a guy in a Santa suit and have him kill some goddamn people. Instead we get a bunch of flim flam psychic mumbo jumbo bullshit.  Thankfully the sequels after this just straight up abandon the Ricky/Billy storyline and just do whatever they want making far more entertaining films.  This is a low point in a surprisingly fun franchise. #25DaysOfChristmas #movie #film #horror #horrorfan #horrornerd #horrorjunkie #horrorlover #horrorfanatic #horroraddict #instagram #instagood #instamovie #instafilm #filmlover #movieoftheday #Christmas #Christmastime #Santa
In honor of #lastjedi 's release tonight I thought I'd share one of my favorite star wars moments. I personally felt like Rogue One is one of the top two star wars films. From start to finish a power house that shows us just how good blockbusters are meant to be. There are two characters from that film that don't get near enough attention. Who were your favorite characters in rouge one?