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Goodbye and goodnight. Go cook some artichokes. You won’t regret it.
With 3 hours of me time, I think you know what I ended up doing.
There’s no place like home! Love Taipei, but missed blue skies and sunshine after a couple weeks of grey clouds ☀️ #CALiving #76andsunny
🤣🤣 i love this! Some days (most days) I'm a hot mess running around with a million things to do. I rarely feel put together but I try to make time, get my makeup on, and then some Lipsense as well.. and there's just something about that silly lipstick... it's like suddenly I'm ready to tackle the day! Lol! It's that extra confidence, feel-good booster that gets you up for the task of conquering everything going on. Am I making any sense here?? 🤷🏼‍♀️😆Get your Lipsense on and get yourself together! and happy FRIDAY ladies 💋 I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. I love you all for being here 😘
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WHΞN YOU LOVΞ WHΛT YOU DO! “To all the homes, the countless first impressions that turn into lasting impressions. The windows and doors and attention to detail. When it all comes together and you realize it's not at all an accident, but a work of dedication + love.” via @pattersoncustomhomes
Thinking about how gross I look in this picture while my friend took it j/k I was thinking about soup! (I did think about how gross I look after the pic was taken- haaaa!)
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@perangtang and I got lucky with tickets to view #YayoiKusama’s work without having to queue 😎
"Change your leaves often, keep intact your roots." Victor Hugo #autumn #change #seasons #trees #leaves #roots #rootsrundeep #earthmedicine #gratitude #caliving #naturelover