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HAPPY BDAY🎂 MERI #AUKLAND WALI JAANA😘 Waheguru khush rakhe tnu.. Miss u LUBB JU😘 🚛🚛🚛🚛bhar k
제 2의 나의고향 北京 북경친구 , Ryan 이 나 한국간다고..초대해준 디너❤ 진짜 요며칠간 계속 송별회.....😂😂😂 오늘은 진짜 !!!! 한국음식 ,중국음식만 아니면 괜찮다고 했더니 센스있게 ~ 스테이크,오이스터, 파스타 를 짠!!!!!! 역시 최고야👍👍👍 虽然要离开有些不舍得😂但是明年在北京还会再见面的😊우리 내년에 북경에서 만나👋 ᆞ ᆞ ᆞ ᆞ #Newzealand #aukland #daily
Hobbiton 🌟 念願のHOBBITONに行けたーーー\(^o^)/❤ もうかわいすぎ😍😍😍😍😍😍 #roadofthering #hobbit #nz #matamata #aukland #rotorua #trip #happy
Every tote comes with a detachable purse to keep all your small items safe and easy to find. Our neoprene is machine washable, quick drying and has sturdy sailing rope handles. Get yours now at www.thismustbeneolove.com #silverlicious #Neoprenebag #thismustbe_neolove #silver #minimalstyle #minimalist #designerbags #sydney #melbourne #surferstyle #beachbag #bondibeach #byronbay #aukland
: Good rules. Especially, I like this phrase "SAY PLEASE AND THANK YOU", because I think that it is important to say this phrase to make a good relationship with each other. #ルール #言葉 #オークランド #ニュージーランド #旅 #日本人 #バックパッカー #rule #phrases #aukland #newzealand #travel #japanese #backpacker #instagood #travelingruggerman
Toch wel mooi kerst met 27 graden 😁 #aukland #nieuwzeeland #christmas #kerst #skytower #christmastime #toren
민규와의 뉴질랜드여행1~2일차 오클랜드-로토루아-레드우드(쥬라기공원촬영지)-유황온천 여기는 한여름의 크리스마스^^ 날씨가 너무 선선해서 좋다 추운 나라로 돌아가기 싫다 #newzealand #로토루아 #redwoods #폴리네시안스파 #한여름의크리스마스 #aukland
・ ・ ・ ・ NZの食べ放題に必ずあった、クラッカー&チーズ。それとお別れはとってもさみしいです。チーズ最高 ・ ・ ・ #チーズ #クラッカー #最高 #美味しい #instagood #nzのチーズは最高に美味しい #最後の晩餐 #nz #newzealand #aukland #🧀
#Christ warns "MANY of my people, the so-called Negroes, say we should help the nations of #Africa which are awakening. This has been said as if we owned America. We are so foolish! What part of America do you have that you can offer toward helping Africa? Who is independent, the nations of Africa, or we? The best act would be to request the independent governments of Africa and #Asia to HELP US. We are the ones who NEED help. We have little or NOTHING to offer as help to others. We should begin to help at home FIRST. We are 40 million STRONG. Many of the nations today that have their independence, and those who are getting their independence, are much SMALLER in number than my people in America. We are dependent on the slave-master. We do not have 2 FEET of earth for our nation of people. You and I, here in America, are licking the boots of the slave-master, begging him for the right of independent people. Yes, we are licking his boots. "Sir, let me shine your shoes?" You have been doing that for approximately 400 hundred years. Today, if one rises up in your midst and says, "We should not lick the slave-master’s boots, we should lick our own boots," you would say, "He should be killed! He should be killed because he is teaching us to hate." My people, you are in a dangerous position. Get that fear OUT OF YOU and STAND UP FOR YOUR PEOPLE! Who are you not to die for your people? Who am I not to die for my people! If I am shot down or cut down today, who is little Elijah Muhammad to 20 million of you! If a million of us throw ourselves in the fire for the benefit of the 20 million, the loss would be small compared to the great gain our people will make as a result of that sacrifice." Honorable #Elijah #Muhammad: Message to the Black Man: Help SELF before Helping Others. http://www.noi.org http://www.finalcall.com #Aukland #Perth #Melbourne #Sydney #Brisbane #Wellington #Tauranga #Dunedin #ChristChurch #Harare #Gisborne #Whangarei #Invercargill #NewPlymouth #Napier #Hamilton #Australia #Curacao #rotterdam 
JUICED! 🍏 - As some of you may know I used to work at a juice bar, so now I feel I have a mild dependency on good ol cold-pressed greens to put a pep in my step. I’ve been in widthdrawal this vaca, struggling to find a good quality juice bar. Finally, @tankjuicenz came to the rescue!!!! - They cold pressed a solid green juice for me on the spot with all the good stuff: spinach, parsley, celery, ginger and a wee bit of green apple. It was so refreshing and I felt my tummy loving every drop. I drank it so fast... the cup is totally empty in this picture 😉😋 - Cheers! I’m on my way to Waiheke island just off the coast of Aukland to do some ziplining! See ya on the other side! - #coldpressed #greenjuice #juicebar #juice #healthytravel #aukland #nz #waiheke #zipline #ferry #newzealand #healthyfood #nutrition #nutritionist #realfood #eatyourgreens #nutrientdense #paleo #aip #lowcarb #realfood #realisticholistic
On the way to Waiheke Island with the Auckland Skyline in the background. I love the wake from the ferry, Please have a look at my favourite Instagramers @cbezerraphotos @edraderphotography @nantia_kb @ #canonphotography #canon6d #canong1x #canonartists #canonaustralia #onholiday #havingfun #top_hdr_photo #aussietraveller #photooftheday #followme #picoftheday #fun #travel #ilovetravel #vacation #tourist #tourist #wahekeisland #aukland #ferry
뉴질랜드여행 D+7 데본포트-> 버섯언덕-> 해피아워 맥주🍺 . 오클랜드도 곳곳이 크리스마스 준비로 바빠보였다. 산타할아부지가 반바지 입고 있는것도 보였음ㅋ . 오클랜드에 왔으니 배 타고 건너편 섬으로 가보자고 해서 간 곳. 동산이 있는데 동산 위에 버섯이 많다구 했다. 동산인데 분명 동산인데... 왜 이렇게 높은걸까😭 겨우 정상에 도착해서 본 버섯들ㅋㅋㅋ 귀여움ㅋㅋ 언덕위에서 바라보는 뷰는 정말 끝내준당🤩 바람도 많이 불고 쉬다가 내려왔당🍄 . 배타고 다시 시내로 돌아와서 항구 근처에 있는 펍으로 들어갔다. 은지가 해피아워라면서 맥주가 싸다고 2분 남았다고 빨리 들어오라고 했다ㅋㅋㅋ 그 다급했던 발걸음이란.. ㅋ 나쵸도 같이 시켰었는데 우리를 까먹었는지 엄청 늦게 나왔었다 ㅠㅠ 다솜이가 예전에 자주 오던 곳이었다고 한 곳이당 근데 아저씨들 뿐이었다고 한다🙄 . . . . . #aukland #newzealand #devonport #mushrooms #beer #provedor #기믄디랑 #해가져간다 #언능이동하자
9th DEC Aucklandにある Two Hands Tattooで @horifuku さんに会えました! 最高に楽しかったです! ありがとうございました😊 必ずまた会いましょう🤝 #newzealand #aukland #twohandstattoo #出会いに感謝 #日本 #ニュージーランド #オーストラリア #世界 #sasebo #佐世保 #worldpeace #Tattoo @twohandstattoo
#City of sails #Aukland
뉴질랜드여행 D+7 오클랜드 도착🚌 . 로토루아에서 버스로 3시간 정도 이동해서 오클랜드에 도착했다! 내리자마자 도시냄새가 났다ㅋㅋ 여태까지 자연자연한 것만 보다가 갑자기 도시로 뷰가 바뀌니 적응이 안되었다😰 오클랜드는 언덕이 너무 많아서 내 28인치 캐리어를 끌고 다니기엔 조금 벅찼다 ㅜㅠ 왜 숙소들이 거의 다 언덕에 있는걸까? 너무 가파르당😭 오클에서는 YHA 백패커스 6인실에 묵었다. 6인실은 첨이라 떨렸듬ㅋㅋ근데 여태까지 지내온 YHA중에서는 오클이 가장 시설이 좋았다. 체크인 전이어서 가방만 맡기고 은지랑 밥 먹으러 나왔다. . 버스타고 오클 근교로 가서 버거를 먹기로 했다. 수제버거 집인데 무슨 버거 대회에서 1등을 한 곳이라고 한다. 이름은 #burgerburger 폰손비에 있는 곳이다. 이 곳 mall 안에 있는데 음식점들이 정말 많았다. 맛있게 생긴 가게들도 참 많았음ㅎ 수제버거 만드는 모습도 바로 보이고 맛도 좋고 즐거운 점심이었다🍔🍟 . 동네구경 좀 하다가 버스타고 시내로 돌아와서 디저트 가게를 갔다. 은지가 예전에 다솜이 @som0601 랑도 같이 왔다고 했다. 가게가 골목안쪽에 있었는데 디저트 만드는 것도 바로 보이고 아기자기한 것이 너무 이뻤다😍 맛도 물론 짱👍 케일스무디, 딸기스무디를 시켰는데 케일스무디가 더 맛있었음ㅎ 직원이 너무 친절했는데 탄산수가 다 떨어지기도 전에 계속계속 채워줘서 나중엔 배가 탄산수로만 채워진거 같이 느껴졌다ㅋㅋㅋ . . . . . . #aukland #newzealand #ponsonby #burgerburger #milse #기믄디랑 #오클랜드투어
‘’Best ugly bagels’’ are known to be the best bagels in New Zealand so we had to give the a try. We made a breakfast stop before our ferry departure to picton. I really thought it was a great place to have breakfast. While waiting you could see the bagels being made in their huge wood-fired stone ovens. The service was quick and the staff were friendly. We chose our bagels and toppings and got our tummies satisfied and energy boosted. Visited January 2017
wow what an amazing way to end this tour thanks #aukland you rocked it #xjoeyxradiox #jackjohnson #Aus/NZtour 2017
Day 16. Today we went #hobbit spotting in #Hobbiton in #Matamata and wondered round a (small) mountain in #Tauranga. Amazing day! #Aukland tomorrow to see glow worms, then a couple of days at sea before we become land folk again. #tourist #touring #Travelling #cruise #ncljewel #holiday #NewZealand #wherearethehobbits? #onedayonepicture
#Messiah @LouisFarrakhan warns "My TIME to talk to you is just about over. It is TIME for the WINDS now to WHIP you and me into shape. It is not going to be pretty. The very white man you love is going to be the means of your total destruction. He is so powerful, now that #Russia SEEMS to have weakened. He can laugh in your face and won't even sign a #civilrights bill, yet he has an #army FILLED with Black men and women ready to die for him. He doesn't care ANYTHING about you. He has already enacted the Federal Emergency Management Act which gives the President EXTRAORDINARY powers. As this war goes on, he may say, "I am sick and tired of #Farrakhan." He may seek me, arrest me. It is written. I don't worry about that and I don't want you to worry. The scriptures said, "Let not your heart be troubled over these things", because I am not troubled in the least. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. It is He Who maketh me to lie down in green pastures, not white folks. If it was up to my enemies, they would have stopped everything from coming to me, but my God spread a table for me in the presence of mine enemies. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear nothing. Not the arrow that comes by day, or the one that flies by night. I am wrapped up in the bosom of that New Ruler that I represent. He anointed by head with oil. My cup is running over. There is so much that I have to tell you that I could not even get to, because time just will not permit it, but my cup runneth over. What I shared with you today is not for today alone. It is for you to TAKE and FEED ON for YEARS to come. So, my dear and beloved brothers and sisters, I thank Allah, Who begets not, for His Self-Creation. I thank Him for the Wisdom that He showed in creating Woman from Himself. I thank Him for His Majesty that made the Universe His Workshop and out of darkness He keeps on bringing new things forward. I thank Him. As the scriptures says, "I thank you, Father in Heaven, for keeping those things from the wise and prudent man and revealing them unto babes." Study Guide 19: Knowledge of God #Aukland #Perth #Melbourne #Sydney #Brisba
#NewZealand #Christ warns "They(‪‎whites) can’t help it(wickedness). Don't hate them because they are devils. One of your Gods(Yakub) ‪Made‬ ‪‬ them like that. I don’t hate a white man JUST because he is a devil. He can’t help himself. He was MADE like that, and I cannot remake him. The Sun is setting; I can’t remake him - takes too long, 600 years. It took our Brother 600 years to make him. Six days, there in the ‪‎Bible‬, means 600 years. Everyday represents 100 years in making the man. Now to make or graft him back into that which he was grafted out of would take another 600 years. Why, Brother, we could build on our planet many many millions of babies. You don’t have to graft anybody. We make them plenty babies. In 600 years, there would be so many babies that there would be babies’ babies. We don’t have to graft anybody to you. They haven’t been that good for us to graft them! Be sure to get onto YOUR OWN kind; that is, IF YOU WANT TO LIVE! Live in your own - the Black people and under the Black God Who believes in ‪mercy‬,‪ Justice Equality‬ and ‪‎Peace‬. I am not begging you now because it is immaterial to me. I can get a whole Nation besides you. I can! He (‪ #MasterFardMuhammad‬) has offered that to me. He said, "If NOT ONE goes with you or believes you, Muhammad, come on and bring Me the Keys, and you and I will go." Honorable Elijah Muhammad : Our Saviour Has Arrived : The Knowledge of God http://www.finalcall.com http://www.noi.org #Aukland #Perth #Melbourne #Sydney #Brisbane #Wellington #Tauranga #Dunedin #ChristChurch #Harare #Gisborne #Whangarei #Invercargill #Hamilton #Australia #Curacao #rotterdam #NewPlymouth #Napier
#Jerusalem #NewZealand #Messiah @LouisFarrakhan warns "Your choice is simple: Join us, The #NationofIslam, and LIVE in peace. Or pursue your present course, and face OBLITERATION. We shall be waiting for your answer—The Decision rests with you. This was a movie, but the writers of this script understood The Reality of what these Wheels represent! I made changes in what ‪‎Klaatu‬ said; that fictional person from “The Wheel.” But I( @louisfarrakhan) am not fiction—I am REAL. And I am FROM THAT WHEEL, and They Who are on that Wheel are my Guides and my Support! Remember, dear beloved people, I have set before you “Two Signs”: One of “Life and Blessing,” and One of “Death and Cursing.” And I, with The Backing of The Two Who are Backing me, urge you to accept Life, that you and your seed may live in a better world, under Perfect Guidance, that will cause us to make this planet anew. I am a TRUMPET of GOD. And it is WISE that you listen to this TRUMPET, because there’s another TRUMPET coming behind me—and The Blast of that Trumpet means DEATH. ‘The Great Announcement’ (1989) is The Final Call: A Warning Just as relevant for President Obama( @realdonaldtrump) and CURRENT U.S. government My dear brother, President Obama: You can, from your high office, HELP America to SAVE HERSELF, and the American people, from The Wrath of God. The Two that back me can put a ring of fire around that “Shadow Government,” and a ring of fire of protection for you against their plans to assassinate you! And I would advise you, America: Do not harm President Barack Obama, because he may be the door that gives life to you and your children." Minister Louis Farrakhan The Time and What Must be Done pt 58 Will you PLEASE help DoomAlert save MORE lives? Please send donations to PayPal: http://paypal.me/doomalert #Aukland #Wellington #Tauranga #Dunedin #ChristChurch #Harare #Gisborne #Whangarei #Invercargill #NewPlymouth #Napier #Perth #Melbourne #Sydney #Brisbane #Hamilton #Australia #Curacao #rotterdam
#NewZealand #Jerusalem #Messiah @LouisFarrakhan warns "America, you are blinded, and that is why we must talk about The TIME and What MUST Be DONE! America will NEVER have enough guns, weapons of war to satiate her bloodlust. The killing of those children should tell you guns are not the way to peace; guns are not the way to real freedom and justice! The guns in America are DESTROYING our peace and we have become the No. 1 arms merchant to the world! We have more money spent on making weapons of war than the next three, four or five nations combined! We are not spending money on Education and The Cultivation of The People like we are spending for weapons of war—yet, in this fiscal cliff, we don’t want to touch the money that we spend for weapons of war? Don’t you have enough? Haven’t you said that the amount of atomic weapons that you have, you could “kill everyone on this planet several times over” —isn’t that ENOUGH? And when will enough BE enough? So in America, there are 29 states that are now suffering drought. FAMINE is COMING; and you are being beaten with hail and rain, and snow, and fire, and tornadoes, and hurricanes. God uses The Forces of Nature as His arms, and He said He will use all that He has against you! Can’t you see what is happening to America? One-third of the American people say they believe that the change in the weather is fulfilling Biblical prophecy of end times."‪ ‎Farrakhan‬: The Time and What Must be Done part 2 http://www.noi.org #Aukland #Perth #Melbourne #Sydney #Brisbane #Wellington #Tauranga #ChristChurch #Gisborne #Harare
#NewZealand #Jerusalem #Christ warns "Such teaching that God is a mystery makes the prophets' teachings of God all false. There should be a law made and enforced upon such teachers until they have been removed from the public. According to Allah, the origin of such teachings as a Mystery God is from the devils! It was taught to them by their father, Yakub, 6,000 years ago. They KNOW today that God is not a mystery but will not teach it. He (devil), the god of evil, was made to rule the nations of earth for 6,000 years, and naturally he would not teach obedience to a God other than himself. So, a knowledge of the true God of Righteousness was not represented by the devils. The true God was not to be made manifest to the people until the god of evil (devil) has finished or lived out his time, which was allowed to deceive the nations (read These. 2:9-10, Rev. 20:308-10). The shutting up and loosing of the devil mentioned in Rev. 20:7 could refer to the time between the A.D. 570-1555 when they (John Hawkins) deceived our fathers and brought them into slavery in America, which is nearly 1,000 years that they and Christianity were bottled up in Europe by the spread of Islam and Muhammad (may the peace of Allah be upon him) and his successors. Their being loose to deceive the nations of the earth would refer to the time (A.D.1555 to 1955) which they were loose (free) to travel over the earth and deceive the people. Now their freedom is being interfered with, by the Order and Power of the God of Righteousness through the Nation of Righteousness. For the past 6,000 years, the prophets have been predicting the coming of God who would be just and righteous. This righteous God would appear at the end of the world." Honorable Elijah Muhammad : Message to the Black Man #MTTBM  #Aukland #Perth #Melbourne #Sydney #Brisbane #Wellington #Tauranga #Dunedin #ChristChurch #Harare #Gisborne #Whangarei #Invercargill #NewPlymouth #Napier #Hamilton #Australia #Curacao #rotterdam
Christmas Party 🎉 🎉🎉 Georgiy 9 yard old!💙💙💙⭐️⭐️⭐️😘😘😘 #aukland #newzealand
#NewZealand #Jerusalem #Messiah @LouisFarrakhan explains The Sacredness of the Female: "Sisters, you are SACRED. You don’t see yourselves as sacred but God, you should KNOW IT that you are sacred. Your WOMB is SACRED and you should handle yourself with DEEP RESPECT for who and what you are and what God has made you. And how your NATURE is USED by God to FASHION the FUTURE. And if the Kingdom of God is to come it will come THROUGH YOU. And if there is going to be any peace and righteous on Earth, it’s going to come through you and through your womb. So we should hold the womb in deep awe and respect because the womb of a woman, like the womb of the universe is filled with mystery. There’s a lot unknown about womb. I mean think about this, that when we look at the womb of space and Allah says in both the Bible and Holy Quran that He created the Heavens and the Earth from NOTHING. YOU just think about that. THAT'S mind boggling. When you look out here and see this vast universe and all that is in it. How could He have created all of this that we see from nothing? But that out there is a womb and His mind operated on that womb. And in all that darkness He could penetrate the darkness and see what was in the darkness and project what was in His thought into the darkness and bring it out into reality. Now I’m am going back over that again because this is something I want every woman to in here to think about. EVERY YOUNG GIRL to reverence The womb of your Mother that bore you and me should be reverenced. You can’t reverence your Mother’s womb without reverencing your Mother. A Mother should be reverenced regardless of your disagreement with your Mother or not. Without her womb you couldn’t be." #Farrakhan : How to Give #Birth to a God pt 4 Will you PLEASE help DoomAlert save MORE lives? Please send donations to PayPal: http://paypal.me/doomalert #Aukland #Perth #Melbourne #Sydney #Brisbane #Wellington #Tauranga #Dunedin #ChristChurch #Harare #Gisborne #Whangarei #Invercargill #Curacao #rotterdam 
#Jerusalem #Messiah @LouisFarrakhan warns "Many of you, dear #Muslims, have asked us in The Nation of Islam to take out Point No. 12 (in What The Muslims Believe) of The Muslim Program—that was found on the back page of Muhammad Speaks newspaper, and now is on the inside back page of The Final Call newspaper. Some of you have said you would not even look at me and us as Muslims as long as Point No. 12 is what we believe. In part, Point No. 12 says we believe that Allah came in the Person of Master W. Fard Muhammad, The Great #Mahdi of The Muslims, #Messiah of the Christians; He will set up a kingdom of peace wherein we all can live together in peace; and Lastly, we believe there is no god but Allah. Well, I don’t wish to add something to myself that Allah (God) has not added; that would not be wise. But I never listened to you— I’ve left Point No. 12 there in The Final Call newspaper; and I’ve said to Muslim scholars: There’s something for you to learn from it. It would be wise for us, as Muslims. Why don’t you listen to your brother? You don’t have one speaking to the open enemy of God and yourself, like Allah is causing me to do. Look at the confusion among you … So if you think I am in error, then leave me alone. But I have Two backing me up—and it’s only a matter of time before you will see that what I am telling you and teaching you from Them, The Two that are on The Wheel, is the absolute Truth! How The Word of God ‘drills down’ intoyour mind and explodes, releasing power and force The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that Wheel is 40 miles above the Earth; and that bombs are dropped from the height of 20 miles up. Those bombs are guided: He uses the atmosphere to guide these bombs! When He was among us, Master Fard Muhammad said to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad: “I would climb a mountain 40 miles high just to teach one, and I would eat rattlesnakes to free you.” And when God begins to reveal His Wisdom: It’s like “dropping a bomb” on you" @LouisFarrakhan: The Time and What Must Be Done pt54 #Syria #Iran #Iraq #Saudi #Pakistan #Egyptian #Libya #Sudan #Somalia #NewZealand #Aukland #Perth #Melbourne #Sydney #Brisbane #Wellington #Tauranga #Hamilton #
#NewZealand #Jerusalem #Messiah @LouisFarrakhan warns "You say God is Omnipresent, He’s Omniscient, He’s All-Knowing, so God does not have to change. And therefore, He comes at the END of this world to JUDGE this world. The Discrimination, The Division that God’s Presence brings into the world Now, I want you to LOOK at something that God said about WHAT His Presence would bring. As we have studied scripture, we’ve read that #Jesus is a divider. And just as you say of #Farrakhan, He’s divisive! So was Jesus! May I quote from his own lips, from several places in the Bible? Look at what Jesus states in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 10: "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, nay a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And they of a man’s own household will be his worst enemies.” Jesus comes to bring DIVISION among those who want to hear The Truth, and correct their ways, REPENT of their evil and change their lives. That Jesus, then, will bring them OUT of this world and make them Citizens of The Kingdom of God. Well again, in the Book of Luke, Chapter 12:49—I want to quote from this, because Jesus is saying something that is so powerful if it is properly understood; Jesus says: "I am come to send FIRE on the earth. And what will I, if it be already kindled?” In the Book of John 8:12, Jesus states: “I am The Light of the world, he who follows me shall not walk in darkness.” Continuing in the Book of Luke 12:50, Jesus says: “But I have a baptism to be baptized with; and how am I straitened till it be accomplished!”; and in the Book of Matthew:3:7-12, when John The Baptist was baptizing the Pharisees and Sadducees with water, he says to them about “the one to come after him”: “O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come? I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance. But he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire." The a Time and What Must be done Part 9 #Aukland #Perth
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#NewZealand #Messiah @LouisFarrakhan warns TIME for Americas DOOM "WHO is The Author of the life that we have? And is there not a GUIDE, an instruction for this life? The problem with the world in which we live is that it has NEVER FOLLOWED The Instruction, The Guidance nor The Plan of The Life-Giver for true Life, a Life that has peace and joy! Life that has perpetuity in it! A Life that represents The Kingdom of God. So, the world in which we live was DOOMED from the DAY it began. And where we are right now is at The TIME of The DOOM of this present world. If that is so, then let us look and see The SIGNS: Great America are we in obedience to God? Or have we become a nation of devils? Is the world in which we live in obedience to God? The inhabitants of our planet … are we in obedience to The Will of God? Are we living that beautiful Life of joy and peace that obedience to God will bring? I don’t think so. So because we are in rebellion, the scriptures teach death passed to all human beings (Romans 5:12). What kind of death? It is the death of the power of our minds to reflect The Wisdom and Absolute Power of God! We are much greater than what we have demonstrated; the human being is supposed to be the glory of God—not a glory, but the glory of God! Well, are we? Or is it like the scripture teaches, ALL of us have fallen short of the glory of God? (Romans 3:23) The human being today is but a caricature of what God intends for the human being because the death of the spirit is producing the death of the world!" ‪‎ #Farrakhan‬ : The Time and What Must be Done part 2 www.noi.org #Aukland #Perth #Melbourne #Sydney #Brisbane #Wellington #Tauranga #Dunedin #ChristChurch #Harare #Gisborne
#NewZealand #Messiah @LouisFarrakhan warns "Now, The‪ #Pope‬ @pontifex SAYS that he is The Vicar of #Christ; that, The Pope is seen, but Christ is Unseen. Well IF he is the true Vicar of Christ, then whatever The Pope says, will come to pass. That is NOT so. The Pope can pray for peace, but there is NO peace coming. There is NO peace coming UNTIL The Peace-Breaker is exposed and broken in War. But what I( @louisfarrakhan) say to you, In The Name of The Two that back me: IT WILL COME TO PASS! And SOON all of you will come to know it. JUSTICE: The watchword for America as she continues to suffer ever-increasing calamities Now, what are The Intervals of Time? Mothers, when you go to the hospital because the water has broken, and the issue of blood has been seen; and the centimeters in dilation of your cervix are getting more and more in preparation for birth, and you start having labor pains, look at the intervals between “the pains.” Well, the first one will come, and it’s a hard one! Then you get a little “breather.” And then a second one will come; and you’ll get a breather… But the closer you get to “birth,” those pains get quicker and quicker and quicker; and more severe! Sometimes so severe, that the mother would wish death would come to her, to relieve her of such burden. Well, America: What about The Calamities that you are facing now? As I have warned you, from the Honorable #ElijahMuhammad: God is seizing you now with “distress” and “affliction”—Black and White both, because both are rebelling against God! When Hurricane Sandy came and was doing its job, Nor’easter Athena was coming right behind, so look at all the flooding that took place in New York, and the over 40,000 people throughout the East Coast that don’t have a place to lay their heads. And before that calamity is “over,” look at what started happening on the West coast! And you have forecasted that more than two-thirds of America will experience feeling “The Wrath” of snow and sleet, and hail. That’s “distress,” that’s “affliction,” America! And more is coming." #Farrakhan : The Time and what Must Be Done: pt 6 #Aukland #Perth #Melbourne #Sydney #Brisbane #Wellington #Tauranga
#Christ warns "Their religion( #Christianity) is a CURSE to us and is FULL of #slavery teaching. They have poisoned the Bible with their adding to and taking from the truth. Now their DOOM is in sight. It is their own work. They rule the sea with powerful deadly ships, parking them off the shores of the homes of OTHER Nations. They secure air bases on foreign soils to park deadly bomb-carrying planes within striking distances of those whom they think to be their enemies. Is this not the easy way to make enemies? Is this the act of a real #Christian, the followers of #Jesus whom they preach came for the PEACE of mankind and to teach the sheathing of the sword and the turning of the other cheek? WHERE is a good Christian among this race? They love meddling in other people's affairs. They are in every fight or war regardless of with whom or where, but yet crying "peace, peace"  with every deadly weapon of war, brandishing them before the Nation as a dare. Shall not the God of Peace and Justice deal with such troublemaking people as He did with those before you of old? I warn everyone of you, my people, fly to Allah with me! As I warned you, the judgment of this world has arrived! Get OUT of the church and get into the Mosques and join onto your own kind, the Nation of Islam! The house you are in shall SURELY FALL and never rise again." Honorable Elijah Muhammad: Message to the Black Man: House Doomed to Fall #Aukland #Perth #Melbourne #Sydney #Brisbane #Wellington #Tauranga #Dunedin #ChristChurch #Harare #Gisborne #Whangarei #Invercargill #NewPlymouth #Napier #Hamilton #Australia #Curacao #rotterdam