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@jbarry_717 and me twisting the grips off the little bikes this past weekend. The lead changed numerous times and racing was close decided by 0.06 seconds at the line. What a blast! Thanks to the sponsors #motorcyclesupply #countryfinancial #woodcraftcfm #woodcrafttechnologies #hotbodiesracing #m4exhaust #motionpro #sbsbrakes #spearsracing #scorpionexo #belray #ktechsuspension #alpinestars #alpinestarsprotects
This weekend I was given quite possibly the best piece of advice I have ever received and I wanted to share it with you all in hopes some of you may benefit as much as I did. I was really struggling with one turn in particular during the 4-hour endurance race at NJMP this weekend. It’s not a particularly difficult turn by any means and I have been through there many times semi-confidently in the past but something was just out of whack for me that day. When I came back in for the rider change, I was explaining the issue I was having to Rich and his immediate response was something to the effect of… “Well, where are you looking?” “Uhh…through the turn…duh!” “No, no, try looking further. I like to look towards (insert landmark)” “Ay, ay captain, I will try that out!” Well CRAP. I never thought I had an issue with vision or looking ahead/through turns but needless to say, just changing where I was looking had me cruising through there faster and way more comfortably right away. “Ah ha” moment much?! I then got a little mini history lesson in the “evolution” of the Evolve GT name and the importance of evolving as a rider and racer. As you progress and your speed increases, everything changes. Brake markers. corner entry points, and VISION all need to be adjusted to compensate for the higher speeds and if you don’t continually modify your approach, you will never get to that next level. That has been everything I have been needing to hear… Moral of the story, don’t trust anyone who claims perfection and don’t lose hope by comparing yourself to others because even those you perceive as the “best” have a ways to go. Never stop evolving!
Been a while since the last post. Found some goodies from #PIRC earlier this month.
¿Imposible? ¡Solo mira como lo hacemos! #MTB #Alpinestars #Colombia