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New build for the Pangaea. Quad Core Aliens 316L 28×4/36G 0.11ohm. #vapenation #vapelife #subohm #dna250 #aliens #pangeae #hcigar #adavancedvape #vaporizednomads #notblowingsmoke
Janji pukul 8pm, pukul 10pm baru sampai. Maaf lah traffic jammed (typical reason) . Ini gambar kami semalam. Seorang satu. #jangantanyabilanaktambah #takdekilangdah #aliens #bff #totinandfriends #totinberhariraya2017 #tigsian
#28.) Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921) (Democrat) “I would call your attention to the widespread condition of political restlessness in our body politic. The causes of this unrest, while various and complicated, are superficial rather than deep-seated. Broadly, they arise from or are connected with the failure on the part of our Government to arrive speedily at a just and permanent peace permitting return to normal conditions, from the transfusion of radical theories from seething European centers pending such delay, from heartless profiteering resulting in the increase of the cost of living, and lastly from the machinations of passionate and malevolent agitators. With the return to normal conditions, this unrest will rapidly disappear. In the meantime, it does much evil. It seems to me that in dealing with this situation Congress should not be impatient or drastic but should seek rather to remove the causes. It should endeavor to bring our country back speedily to a peace basis, with ameliorated living conditions under the minimum of restrictions upon personal liberty that is consistent with our reconstruction problems. And it should arm the Federal Government with power to deal in its criminal courts with those persons who by violent methods would abrogate our time-tested institutions. With the free expression of opinion and with the advocacy of orderly political change, however fundamental, there must be no interference, but towards passion and malevolence tendineae to incite crime and insurrection under guise of political evolution there should be no leniency.” Source: http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/index.php?pid=29560
I was looking at the "Hoag's Object" It's a galaxy. I was looking at random stuff like popular galaxies and stuff on skyview it's this website where you can look at space through their telescopes it's just pictures but um what is that? I mean it can't REALLY be an alien right? It's on a NASA website they wouldn't just have it there right? #ufo #aliens #conspiracytheory #nasa #extraterrestrial
Teeny tiny doodles! . Been sketching some new ideas for a story that popped into my head the other day. I might have to put some stuff off for a couple of days so i can get it all down before I forget 😅 . . . . . #doodles #doodle #conceptart #concept #webcomic #characterstudies #characterconcept #characterconcepts #sketch #sketches #sketchydoodles #sketchbook #space #aliens #paranormal #creaturedesign #creatures #fauna #fae #ArtistsOnInstagram #ballpointpen #ballpoint
#aliens dude 👽🐙 #ayylmao
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i'm so happy nd in love rn i'm so lucky to have such an amazing supportive best friend (but they're still a fycken dork) and also such a cute caring boyf ??? plus a literal god as a cat ???? i'm just v happy and blessed w the people in my life atm