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I finished filling my most recent section of the planter box wall with dirt & plants last week. I can't wait for the light pink rocket snapdragons to really start blooming! #atx #austin #planterbox #raisedbed #planterboxwall #garden #privacyfence #noiseabatement
while the mommas work, I go around photographing their kids 🖤
One of my favorite Austin traditions has begun. Everyone was out today, decorating the cedar trees along 360 and other local highways. Everyone comes back after New Year's Eve and cleans it all up too! #ilovethisplace I'm trying to convince my family to decorate a tree this year. They're just laughing at me. #austinchristmastrees #atx #austin
Bout to throw this beautiful hunk of fish flesh on the smoker for a couple of hours. Fresh smoke salmon dip is on the menu for thanksgiving.
If ya missed it, here are some photos from @iforgottolovemyfather's show this last weekend with @halflovesband and @aferociousjunglecat 😍😍😍 . [Photo cred: @lauren_farris via @hearnebraska] #atx #diy #lnk
Smoke Break 📷 @johnxveit
Happy hump day everyone! Coming at you this evening with this captivating portrait by @eliaspapyrus. It’s simple and bold (I’m obsessed with the blue) and I feel like I need to know more about this person. There’s definitely a story to tell! Always remember to show some love and check out photographers’ feeds. It helps us support each other as a community! Also keep tagging #igaustintexas — we filter through every day.
Today was to beautiful to be spent indoors, so to the park we went. #ladybirdlake #atx #parklife #beautifulday #posing #prethanksgiving #thankful #itsagoodlife