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Streams (poem #9) art by @harpo_marxist Seeping through the days haze I flow down the city sewer On my way to the great ocean I lose a piece of my identity. Jealous of the Sting Rays and Trout I've taken a brand new form Their freedom is what I most desire So long my Christian name, I'm gone. Sludge and shit sift through my stream Maybe I am not meant to have a life Purposely flowing to build up others Sacrificing clarity for sincerity. I am now together with Big Blue Surgically attached, expanding it's size Now I realize all streams flow together One's identity is never just that of itself.
Quincy College WINS in overtime with a penalty kick goal scored by #9 Ba, his second goal of the game. Final 4-3 W versus @holyokecommunitycollege 🙌🙌🙌 #GoGranite #QCAthletics #Soccer #Futbol
Size 39 Price #9,000 Pay on delivery Please check your item before you pay, don't collect anything you don't like
Hell of a season boys, let's keep the winning streak going #9-0 #conferencechamps