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Moving to Miami has been a dream I would never imagine. But just like every dream there is a nightmare too. I have had the dream to move out of Houston and grow, and I did it. I am an influencer and now I get paid to be one, a content creator. I never would have though this opportunity would come so quickly. Even though I have this amazing thing, moving away from home and my friends have hurt, but I've learned to grow and realize that I'm the only person who's going to love myself and care for my well being. Everyone else is just there to have a fun time with you. But if you're having too much fun without them, be careful, people always want to have other people's fun. Just be you and the real ones will stick like gum. 😋❤️
One  strong empowered woman ! 👸🏼✨ 🏆 @sinmtz . . .
To my gray day you color it, and good day you do it better . . . @sofsalomon @inayaok
Just what I needed on this cold day. . #vegan #vegitarian #soup #veggiesoup #fall #fallishere #fallsoup #fallsoups
Headshot I took of my roommate @esc__photography