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@beast.nazman & I Finishing Up A Private Session @ Academie Serei 🤼‍♂️ Message Me Now On How To Het A Semi Private For Only 10$ 😲
Ça sent l'automne 🍂🎃
We had a blast last Friday at our monthly community potluck. Our students got a hands on baking tutorial. We made apple crisp and apple cake, some great Canadian classics. As well, we celebrated some of our students' birthday- happy birthday to Alice, Vinny, Marie, and Antonia. Can't wait for next month's community potluck, stay posted to find out the theme! Comment to guess what the November community potluck theme might be. #bakedontstudy #goodlifemtl #narcitymontreal #dailyhivemtl #huffpostquebec #livemontreal #mylblog #somemontreal #eatplaylive #mtlmoments #mtl #514 #montreal #canada #travellife #passionpassport
maudit instagram crop🍂 model: @capylara
Avoir le moral dans les chausettes un lundi n'est pas posssible quand vous êtes de sortie avec votre équipage chez le Festin du capitaine! Quelle prise fraîche est dans vos filets ce soir? 🦀
When your new crush gets you a gift and it’s right on point 👌🏽😍👌🏽 @boutiquepointg