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พร้อมส่งจ้าาา 💄💄💄💄Revlon #365 ใชพู่กันทาสะอาดคะ ส่งต่อแท่งละ 250฿พร้อมส่งemsคะ หายากหมดช้อปล่ะค่ะ
Quando já não tinha espaço, pequena fui Onde a vida me cabia apertada Em um canto qualquer acomodei Minha dança, os meu traços de chuva E o que é estar em paz Pra ser minha e assim ser sua Quando já não procurava mais Pude enfim nos olhos teus, vestidos d'água, Me atirar tranquila daqui Lavar os degraus, os sonhos e as calçadas E assim, no teu corpo eu fui chuva Jeito bom de se encontrar E assim, no teu gosto eu fui chuva Jeito bom de se deixar viver #ladyinred🌹 #365
365, Day 109 // Haya Foundation President and Guma Yu'amte Healers share their opinions with the Guam Legislature in hopes to stop a firing range that is to be built in Litekyan.
365, Day 108 // Late A small section of a part of peaceful protestors standing outside the Guam Legislature in hopes of protecting a part of our island.
Day 1. Let’s do how long I can keep a streak going. #photoaday #365 #leicaq
365, Day 107 // Late Haya Foundation President, Zita Pangelinan, smiles will talking with another protestor of Prutehi Litekyan.
365, Day 107 - 1 // Late Healers from Guma Yu'Åmte looking out at protestors and sharing thoughts before going out to join.
3/365: so blessed to have this phenomenal human by my side. A month shy of 3 lovely years together, and I’m so lucky the stars helped me find you. I love you so much Terry, and life with you is so much sweeter than I could’ve ever imagined. #365 #significantotter
Day 067/365 This is a rough sketch of some male anatomy based on yours truly. ;) Photos are nice and all, but there is nothing like seeing the real thing face to face. That's why I used myself as a reference. I feel like the portions turned out great. You never realize how thick your neck is until you have to draw it on paper. Lol