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When you have a goal in mind, you go after it! Old PR #300club on the video I did 175 lbs but did last set at 185lbs. Slowly I will get my strength back. The woman’s body doesn’t heal that fast especially after 3 kids. The abdominal muscles need to heal to get rid of the momma pouch. I don’t feel I need my belt but I wear to take care of anything still healing in my body. My back squat was at 235lbs and today I did a 5x5 and my last set was 155lbs. #fitness #fitmoms #fitmomsinspire #lifting #weights #gettingbacktoit #running #crossfit #bodybuilding #allfitness #hybrid #deadlift #backsquat
Back to 300. My weight shifted forward midway up and I had to recover, otherwise it felt really good.
238/300 it was so beautiful tonight and relatively good air quality so I decided to go for a run. This little one is usually a trip hazard, but she was the perfect running partner tonight ❤️🐶❤️ #300club #gostronggirls
HAPPY FXCKING BIRTHDAY TO ME!! 515 for a double PR🔥🔥 no other way I'd want to spend my 23rd. The warm ups are 405 tempo and 455 paused. Thank God for my health. S/o to my boy @loganschmidt88 for the solid 385 Pr. We out here eating!
A PR for each decade 🎉 135kg/298lbs 138kg/304.4lbs So psyched to break 300lbs - it only took me 20 years!! Not a bad way to spend a birthday #usaweightlifting #HaventMaxedOutThisLiftSinceHighSchool #StillGotIt #300club
WELCOME TO THE 300+ CLUB BEAUTIFUL ✊🏻 SHOUT OUT TO “Top Dog” killing it AS ALWAYS!!!! #youGoGirl #ironbullies #PrettyFineAssMomma #300club #onlyGoesUpFromHere