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🤦🏾‍♀️ I can't believe I let the day get by without shouting one of my best gfs out‼️ 9.9.88 a real one was born 😝😍 from advice, to heartbreaks, to being ready to ride out or up on something/someone 😎, to motivational talks or just getting out to have a good time...this my dawg 4evaaaaa (Cardi B voice) no matter what I'm calling for or what time it is, she's coming with a smoking gun. Blood couldn't make us any closer...it's ya month gf, let's make your New Year one for the books! #29neverlookedthisgood #Virgoseason #14yearsoffriendship #abitterbitchtriedtobreakusapart #mynigga4life @elle_farah Keep doing what makes YOU happy...I'm super proud of you 😘😘
Kiki's 29th #29neverlookedthisgood 💕🦄🎉
Now that my birthday is tomorrow I got thinking how much of a wonderful year I really had. I got to work at a great school with the same student,went back to school to finish my degree and still on that journey,had the opportunity to be in two production "The Nutcracker and Chiaroscuro", redeemed my season of cheerleading after not be able to finish the season before due to surgery,, and most of all I got to dance again. Getting the opportunity to dance was huge highlight of my year where I got to dance with some of my oldies and I got to a duo with my favourite little dude that will forever have a place in my 💜. I hope that 29 is just has good or if not better with lots of excitement and adventure. Here's to being 29 and feeling fine 🍾 #29neverlookedthisgood #byegirl 🤙
September 1! Birthday week has started l! It's Rainy out, but enjoy your Friday!! :) #birthdayweek #birthday #29NeverLookedThisGood #stillcutetho