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Terbentur, terbentur, terbentuk!👏🏼 #2014 #Sparta #StambukKaya #hmmbecak
実家に向かってるものの、電車が90分遅れで全然来ない(;ω;) 今日はゆりかもめに乗ったけれど、思い出したSOHOの日🌟 なっちゃんと行って、海が見えて、広くて、陽射しが良くて最高なイベントだった👯まいちゃんの、ライブペイント^^ この頃でこっぱち、、🙄好奇心ばかりで、たくさん出かけたけれど、それがいまの自分をつくっているし、飽くることなしヽ(*´∀`) #SOHO #2014 #instagood #f4f #sunset #music #江東区 #青海
Listen, one day, the people of your past will wake up, and they'll realize they lost the one person who would have always been there for them, the one person that would have never given up on them. They'll look back and realize how much YOU loved them. They'll miss you soooo much, and it'll hurt them. They'll feel the pain that YOU were feeling, while they were out there HURTING YOU. They'll come running back and they'll beg for you to forgive them. They'll plead with you to take them back. They'll spit the same recycled game of, "Your the best I ever had's" and "I never stopped loving you's" hoping that it sounds sincere enough for you to fall for the bullshit AGAIN. They'll apologize for how much they hurt you, because after all, they never meant or was trying to hurt you. You'll see how desperate they look. THEY'LL cry for YOU just like YOU cried for THEM. They'll be weak, and all they'll need is YOU, but YOU'LL BE STRONGER. You will have discovered YOUR WORTH and know that they were NOT WORTHY of your love and greatness. You will have FOUND YOURSELF. People WILL regret LOSING YOU…..But you'll NEVER regret FINDING YOURSELF. It's like a rebirth of self. How many of you have been reborn? Are you happier? You should be because you finally realized how to be HAPPY WITH SELF. Now let me ask some of you this....WHO'S READY TO BE REBORN? ~KP, The Gentlewoman~ #repost #2014 #mywordsfromthepast #facts #relationships #love #realwords #spokentruth #iamKaliP #mywords #wisdom #yourfavoritegentlewoman