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Praise God for grandbaby #15, this family is growing.....Father, I pray blessings over our grandbaby, and our son Jeremiah McConico & daughter Krystle H. McConico. Thank You for your Faithfulness, In Jesus Name, Amen........
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DEBATE 189 With reports from Jon Paul Morosi and numerous others, the Rockies are officially in the race for both Justin Wilson and Alex Avila. GM Al Avila has said that the Tigers expect a return similar to Chapman last year, so I based this trade off of that. The question is... is this a good trade for the Tigers?? MY OPINION Definitely. Ryan McMahon is a HUGE prospect that is close to MLB ready. He can play 1B, 2B, and 3B. He has been absolutely tearing the cover off the ball in Toledo this year. He's hitting .386 with ten homers and 42 RBI's in 202 at bats... seriously, nobody has that average! He is ranked at the #66 top prospect in baseball (per MLB Pipeline). He would most likely take the place of Ian Kinsler when he is traded (which will either be now or in the offseason). Next up is Garret Hampson. He is a young middle infielder in A ball. He's hitting .312 with 34 stolen bases. He is a scrappy player that gets on base and flat out runs. He's still a couple years away meaning he will probably take Iggy's spot at short when he becomes a free agent (2 years). Then there's The rocks #15 prospect Bryan Mundell. He is a first baseman that was just recently promoted to AA after hitting .299 with 12 homers in 262 at bats with A ball. Mundell is just 23 years old, and has time to progress further. He is known as a great leader and hard worker so he will be a great help with our fellow prospects. He will probably come up in 1-2 years. Lastly is the rocks #30 prospect Noel Cuevas. Cuevas is an outfielder hitting .325 with 13 homers and 16 stolen bases. He is in the midst of a breakout campaign for the Rockies AAA team. With a good spring and possible September call up, Cuevas could be in the majors starting next year. You never know. I love this package. The Rockies have one of the best farm systems I've ever looked at, so this was real fun making. Thanks to @tigers_edits_only @the.tigers.report @tigers_.14 for helping me make this trade. Tag a Rockies fan! Here is my opinion... what is yours?? Answer in the comments. Remember to let your opinion be heard! #detroittigers #gotigers #debate #detroit #tigers #michigan #motorcity #playball #faketrade #baseball #mlb