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Dia #11 ADOPTA, NO COMPRES💓 hoy esta señorita llego a nuestro hogar, llena de parásitos, pulgas y garrapatas🤪😂 pero llego a llenarnos de su gran amor, tener una mascota en casa ayuda a nuestros hijos a desarrollar sentimientos afectivos y crea hábitos de responsabilidad, ya que ellos no juzgan ni critican como lo hacemos los seres humanos. Los niños que se crían con mascotas muestran muchos beneficios en lo físico, lo cognitivo social y emocional. Y no solo le ayuda a ellos, sino también a nosotros; a quien no le gusta llegar a casa y que cuando abras la puerta te hagan una fiesta increíble por tu llegada?🤪😍🤩 llena de alegría tu hogar💓 #100happydays
Day 68• ITS SEM BREAK GUYS!! There goes Sem 5 flying past so fast! Do check out @seizemalaysia if you are looking for something casual yet unique! 💕 #100happydays #vanessaforceme #sembreak #enjoyylife
#100HappyDaysExperiment Day 84: Today was such a fun day! I woke up early, helped my daughter with her hair, had an easy drive to my tattoo appointment, got my tattoo “upgrade” started, which I couldn’t be more happy with how it’s turning out! I can’t wait for it to be all shaded and finished, it’s going to look so good! 😁 Then I went downtown and had lunch with a friend, did some Christmas shopping, then came home and made dinner and hung out with my daughter. I also found out I’m gonna be an auntie to a little baby boy!! So excited! 😁 #somanyreasonstobehappy I hope everyone had a fabulous day! 😘✌️
The stillness of the sunrise (peep the moon 🌙) & this Cali journey make me happy 🤙🏽 #100happydays #day14
i had a funnnn day! me and @jada.briana finally got to make our christmas shirts in graphics and then after school i went to get my nails done and sonic w @100daysofhappyash and then me and some more pals went to eat mexican and took a trip to publix after and then i hung out w my boo 💘 #100happydays #day32
Today I worked and drove around places and the entire time I was just anticipating seeing Star Wars. And then I saw it and I was happy but I forgot to take a picture for this little challenge of mine. So here's a picture of my fav character (always and forever), BB-8. #100HappyDays #Day15
Only managed to work for 45 minutes today, before going home sick, but on my way out I received this little gift #100happydays #catmom #tistheseason #lovethelifeyoulive
Day 79 Cloud gazing while out on my walk #100happydays #clouds
Pensa num bar gourmet. Agora esquece. 💕💜 #100happydays #day7
Sent this to my cousin today! We were so young and green lol. Our mothers were best friends in Jamaica when they were younger... we then grew up together... so we may not be blood but this right here is family! !!! #100happydays 🍃to the ones that taught me that family has nothing to do with the blood coursing through your veins 👊 this one's for you Day 54 Dec 15
Trying out my new mobile phone tripod thingy. Lighting is terrible in here. #100happydays #day66 #mikesroadtohappy
When you can’t find the remote, what do you do? #100happydays Day 56 #ohcristmastree
~Day 19~ I'm happy for amazing movies and amazing everything. #100happydays
Dia 017: el señor Kin. Esa forma de gato me da mucha risa y es que mi Panzas estaba tan gordis que se veia redondo xD pero el tiene estilo =) #100happydays #gatos #instacats
•day 35• happy this stressful week is finally over & for finally submitting deadline 1 for yb & that my fav goof is home from college to make nights like tonight at work more tolerable & for late night cuddles with this lil boop #100happydays
“There is a Christmas song upon the air. There is a joy innate within the heart; an inner sense of peace, a holy light illuminates life and sets these days apart.” Day 90: how? ✨💜🎄 #100happydays #gemelassleigh #love
#100happydays Gotta be honest, today kinda sucked as a whole. I kept falling asleep in school, was in a have when I was awake, had a headache, was in one of those "I'm a failure to everyone I love" moods, and to top it all off closing at work was awful, but you know what? These are the days that make you stronger, that make you appreciate what the good life is, and that's why this is my pay for this #100happydays
•day 201• #happy for every single day i get to spend with joe before he leaves.. hence why he’s been on this account for like 8 million years in a row 😉😂 #100happydays
And here it is!!! The girls first photo with Santa 🎅🏼 together 👯‍♀️ Aria was so excited to meet him, she was waiting patiently in line and so happy. But then we get to the photographer and the have a separate background for you to take pics before santa which scared Aria and after that it was difficult for us to calm her down. As soon as photos were over we stepped to the side and she calmed down and wanted to see him again and say bye, which she did but pictures were already taken 🤦🏼‍♀️I just feel bad because she really wanted to meet him 😢oh the joys of parenthood. #santafail #picturewithsanta #ellendegeneres #theellenshow #happyholidays #merrychristmas #100happydays @theellenshow
Day 84 of the #100HappyDaysExperiment! Today I was celebrating the 5th anniversary of my engagement to my husband and reflecting back on all the amazing and all the hard stuff we’ve gone through these past 5 years. Relationships (and life) present such endless opportunities to practice. My dear friend @enriquecollazo always says, “OTP” as things arise because everything really is an opportunity to practice: to practice letting go; to practice accepting things as they are; to practice not turning away from painful emotions; to practice being vulnerable and open hearted; to practice not getting caught up in the story; or to practice meeting yourself or someone else with compassion. Today: Oliver falling back to sleep after initial 5am wakeup; Oliver taking the kids so I could get ready for work; being able to do my first session from my bed in my seats; having the morning be chilly enough to wear sweats; time to eat breakfast by myself after everyone left; our thick green grass in December; lots of veggies for breakfast; new lipstick and a yellow skirt; freshly cleaned carpets in my office; a lovely session with a client; a great workout; O’s smile and giant hug when I picked him up from the beach; making it through Trader Joe’s with a four year old without losing my shit; all the Trader Joe’s holiday treats; bath time; the sweetest solstice ceremony in the backyard with friends; smelling the fresh pine boughs; Puerto Rican pollo guisado for dinner; helping O light the candles; hearing all the kids sing Christmas carols; catching up with Eli and eating truffle potato chips and cheese doodles together; a hot bath and sugar scrub and sweats afterwards; O going to bed early and cuddling and watching GOT with Eli.
The happy calm before the storm. #100happydays #Day71 #besties #latenightmeals
Baking Christmas cookies with my baking buddy 🍪 whrn did he get so old😭 #100happydays #littlemanturnedbigman #itsallinahaircut #littleman #logielove