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Trumpeter/horn arranger. Works: Slum Village|G-Unit|The HUE|Hezekiah|Elaquent|Mecca:83|Wildcookie + more...future Grammy quest - @kathleen.deleon ❤️

We were greeted with a huge smile and, "Hey, old friends!!" 😊 We totally appreciated @gregoryportermusic's performance last year that we had to see him again and this time with @kathleen.deleon's parents in the mix. The amount of magic he stirred up in a packed auditorium is beyond belief. What a voice! The goosebumps and hairs standing on end on my arms remained after the show and I showed Gregory, LOL!! You really do evoke emotion and plenty of feels!!! Thank you for the music and great to see you again, my friend! We'll catch you next time you're in the city. ✌️ #Repost @kathleen.deleon ( @get_repost) ・・・ It's always a great show when @gregoryportermusic comes to @torontojazzfest. Thank you for a great night!
The first thing I asked @emanuelharrold was, "Are you @keyonharrold's brother?". Yep. His little bro was confirmed. Watching him play on stage was exciting as you could see his energy on the drum kit complimenting @gregoryportermusic's transitions from smooth to fiery vocals. We talked about his forthcoming album which I'm looking forward to getting my hands on as it will have a stellar list of guest musicians and features. The single "Special Time" is out now featuring @saunderssermons. It was great to meet you bud! P.S. Swag on the pin and glasses frames!
The album that won a Grammy for Best Jazz Vocal in 2014 got a little scribble-dee-doo from @gregoryportermusic. Thanks for the ink, my dude! 😊
@gregoryportermusic had everyone on their feet after a spellbinding performance. This is just the pre-kick off for the @torontojazzfest. There are more great shows this year! I've got my picks. Who are you going to see? Make your decisions here: http://torontojazz.com
I'm so excited to see @gregoryportermusic once again tonight with @kathleen.deleon. If you've never seen him live, you'll need to bucket list it. He's the voice of a generation whose music is simply timeless. Even though this falls on a Wednesday, I have to advance this #tbt for tonight's sold out performance at Koerner Hall for the @torontojazzfest.
Mexican food adventures with @kathleen.deleon. Guac and chips with tacos al pastor and baja fish. Ole! 🌮🌮🌮
I'm gonna have a doubly lit Wednesday, June 28 at the @torontojazzfest inside the Concert Hall with Donny McCaslin and Shabaka and the Ancestors! I'm super excited to witness some dope jazz go down. Hit up the tix: http://torontojazz.com/concert/donny-mccaslin-group
It was so good to have a reunion with some of my former management team over Italian food. Man...no lie, we were so aligned and got shit done. I miss my people.
It was a full day adventure with @kathleen.deleon!! This was just the lunch aspect of it. 😊
I'm taking in that new car smell! Say hello to my 2017 Wolfsburg Edition of the Volkswagen Jetta that's nicely upgraded! All sorts of traditions happening, which include @kathleen.deleon being my first passenger and a shot with the homie Emilio, who has been THE MAN to take care of my car needs. Thank you my dude! 👊 New adventures to be made on this whip! 😊
I got a tad emotional saying farewell to my 2013 VW Jetta. It's the first car I bought on the hustle and grind. Thank you for all the traveling, the jams you bumped loud, keeping me safe and accident free, and getting me to all my music events and gigs. 😪👋
@isaiahrashad brought the raw and ruggedness on the mic. Here is a performance of "Free Lunch". 🎶
@jidenna stole the show at @manifesto_to. The energy was through the roof coupled with a solid performance!! Here is a performance of "Knickers". 🎶
So much action during the 11th instalment of @manifesto_to! Here's the recap reel...
Looks like this is gonna be the last album I'm playing in my car. #mood
Go hard or go home. Post- @manifesto_to food at @elcaballito.ca with @4deedeeh and @tab1919. We saw a chop game go down inside and we think he failed, LOL!!! 😂😂😂 P.S. There was a round 2 of tacos.
Getting some horns in for @roydavisjr. Such an honour to be working with this Chicago house legend. It's all yours brother! 🙌👊
It's that time of the year once again. Y'all know me to be runnin' around and linkin' up with these dope shows at the @torontojazzfest. @bokantemusic is Friday, June 30 at the Concert Hall. You might recognize 3 @snarkypuppy cats in this talented mix. @larnelllewismusic will be opening with his band during the evening. Pick up your tickets here! http://torontojazz.com/concert/bokante ✌️
A pic surfaced from Saturday night's show with @icethaone and @freshkils. Shout out to @andrewcameronmusic for the capture! #Repost @andrewcameronmusic ( @get_repost) ・・・ Congrads to @icethaone 🙏🏻 happy I got to take in her EP release show. Singer/rapper for real... Go check it out. EP is up on Spotify featuring production from @freshkils and @juniatofsb
@sidewalkchalkmusic's latest release entitled "An Orchid Is Born" looks and sounds dope!!! It's a unique concept to have it released on an MP3 player! 🙌