Prince Milo♥️Baby Moli

Prince Milo♥️Baby Moli @superdog_milo

My disguise as an ugly duckling. Too bad I still look gorgeous 🐧
My 5th year in this family. Nobody know exactly my real age but it doesn't matter. I cherish everyday I spend with Moli and my human family. Happy gotcha day to me 🎉🎂♥️
Bad hair day.. Somebody forgot to comb me. I don't usually go out without proper hair style 😭
We need eleven dogs to play soccer. Anybody care to join? ⚽️
My lazy brother doesn't want to play soccer ⚽️ with me. He said napping is a better exercise than soccer.
Smile 😊it's soccer ⚽️ time.
Happy weekend everypawdy!!! I ♥️ you all
1..2..3 Smile 🙂
Happy TOT everypawdy!! Pick your favorite tongue 👅 (swipe ⬅️)
🔊 We're doing our job as window guardians.
Come and play with me 😄
Good morning! 🌞 Is it weekend yet?
Can you spot Moli? 👀
No one can steal my bone 🍖
☁️ . . #boopmynose
🎶Oh happy day.. 🎶