Prince Milo♥️Baby Moli

Prince Milo♥️Baby Moli @superdog_milo

👑Milo: Mini American Eskimo 👶🏼Moli: Mini Pomeranian Follow us and we'll give you happy days✨

Let all that you do be done in L♥️VE. Happy Monday everyone!
Look! This giant bone can fit in my mouth 😋
Enjoying my big bone 😋
Please step on the right rug
Take a rest, cross my legs 💜
Happy weekend everypawdy! What are you guys up to this Saturday? We're spending this weekend with our new best friend. Say HI 👋🏼 to Kobe. He's a 3 months old Border Collie baby 👶🏼
Good morning☀️ wishing everyone a happy #tongueouttuesday 😛
Look into my eyes 👀 Now hand me that chicken!
Smooch me
It's T👅T time! Stick out your tongue and smile 😝😄
Hello! We just came back from the groomers. Feeling fresh and fancy! We even smell like strawberries. Wishing you all a happy weekend!
I'm ready for bed.. can I sleep with you human?
That face you made after your first kiss
I'll let you know when you're done belly rubbing
King of the mountain 👑⛰🌿 #sundayfunday
Lil'bro watching over me while I'm napping #relationshipgoals
Two sleepyheads 💕 #relationshipgoals
Moli loves giving Milo goodnight kisses
Hhooman!! I'm hungry..
Hi 👋🏼 What are your plans for the weekend?