Prince Milo♥️Baby Moli

Prince Milo♥️Baby Moli @superdog_milo

👑Milo: Mini American Eskimo 👶🏼Moli: Mini Pomeranian Follow us and we'll give you happy days✨

Am I too late to celebrate #WorldEmojiDay What's your favorite emoji?
Stairway to heaven aka the exit door 🚪 to the park 😂
Little tiger hunting for prey🐯
Caught in the act! 🙊
Wish I had long hair
Catwalk.. dogwalk. Dogs doin' catwalk 😄
Sweet dreams 💕
1..2..3.. freeze!
🔊Dressing up as a cabaret singer 🎤
Time for treats mom!
Free hugs 🤗
sttt....My bro is taking a nap 😴 Don't tell him that I'm stealing his toy ⚽️ 🥅
My napping time shouldn't interrupt my playing time 🙃
When Milo meets Milo
Yes.. I'm a sleepy lazy baby
Love ❤️ on the first touch ☺️
Let's guess.. How many dogs are there in this picture? 🤓