Michelle @steppingoutward

"Sunsets are proof that, no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully." 🌅 "Puestas de sol son la prueba de que no importa lo que suceda, todos los días puede terminar maravillosamente." #kristenbutler
Not just brother and sister littermates, but truly and kindly best friends. 🐾🐾 No sólo hermano y hermana littermates, pero verdad y amablemente mejores amigos.
The 4th and final part of this exciting series of "Vegans Serve Non-Vegan Houseguests Crazy-Good Vegan Food." A dark chocolate breakfast croissant before the happy-bellied visitors travelled back home. It was easy and quick and it got us all thinking. Just because the only chocolate croissants served in bakeries locally aren't vegan doesn't mean we can't find a delicious and easy way to make our own tasty, rich, flaky ones at home. And so we did, served with a coffee and juice and gobbled up over good conversation. This weekend gave me new ways to be more "active" about my passions. And the biggest take-away from it all: inviting more people over for delicious vegan, plant-based, meatless cuisine. Who knows? Besides replacing meat patties with tasty lentil burgers for one meal, we might incite someone to explore the wealth of exciting recipes behind plant-based cuisine. Or even further, they might delve more into the various reasons of WHY to make the change. Just like so many of you have shared your delicious ideas with me and given insight as to the reasons you do beans & greens--you have inspired me, every day, in many ways, and I thank each one of you deeply for that.
Our raw vegan key lime pie. Part three of "Vegans Serving Delicious PlantPower to Non-Vegan Houseguests." As this night comes to a close and the whole house falls asleep, I can't help but feel overwhelmingly happy that, even if I can't instantly change everyone's diet to vegan, at least for all of today, two more people were with me for the cause. And maybe they won't be making the full switch anytime soon, but seeds have been planted. They were curious. They were open. They found exciting and delicious ways to see food today. And that feels pretty freaking amazing. Small steps forward, but forward nonetheless. #hosts #veganscooking #veganmenu #dessert #instavegan #vegancommunity #govegan #foodfeed #healthy #healthyfoodshare #goodfoodshare #veganfoodshare #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #plantbased #plantpower #meatlesseveryday #happyface #happyhearts #happybellies #happysouls #seriously #yum
When vegans host non-vegan houseguests, part two: a little tour of the Mediterranean for dinner. Mmmm. Mmmm. V-GOOD! Next up: raw vegan key lime pie! #hosts #veganscooking #veganmenu #dinner #instavegan #vegancommunity #govegan #foodfeed #healthy #healthyfoodshare #goodfoodshare #veganfoodshare #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #plantbased #plantpower #meatlesseveryday #happyhearts #happybellies #happysouls #seriously #yum
Sometimes you just need to swing and be carefree. Even if just for a moment. 👌 A veces sólo tienes que swing y ser despreocupado. Aunque sólo sea por un momento. #day62 #día62
When vegans are hosting non-vegan houseguests, they bring out the vibrant, colorful, and flavorful plantpower cuisine. And guess what? Yeah, I'll tell ya. They dug lunch so much they can't wait for dinner....
Okay. Yes. A bug. But such a cool, fascinating bug! Meet Sam. Sam Cicada. First one to show up to the big above-ground party. Just a quick outfit change and bit of wing-primping, then ready to fly!
Taking my photo-of-the-day with a new friend. He penciled me and my little love in for a lunch date of ripe red apples next week. We are both head-over-heels happy about it. 💛🐴💛 Tomando mi foto del día con un nuevo amigo. El tiempo programado conmigo y mi poco amor para una fecha de almuerzo de manzanas rojas maduras la próxima semana. Los dos estamos muy contentos. #day61 #día61
Sitting on a cobblestone bridge, admiring the willow tree. Just might be my favorite tree of all. 🌳 Sentado en un puente de adoquines, admirando el sauce. Sólo podría ser mi árbol favorito de todos. #Day60 #Día60
Chickpea Coconut Curry atop "Couscous-ed" Cauliflower. Lots of C's regarding our dinner tonight. Here's a couple more: captivating cuisine. I ate two bowls completely and quite contently.
Lovely Pears. 🍐 A #fiber-packed treat that sweetly delivers #vitaminC #vitaminK #potassium and #copper. Studies have also shown pears can help reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Furthermore, they're juicy delicious. See why I think they're so lovely? ...... @lumi.lemon - I'm all pear-stocked-up to try that coconut water, pear, and more smoothie! 💚🍐💚
These tiny, dainty white flowers always remind me of my beautiful grandmother. I don't often come across a bouquet of baby's-breath but today I did. I kind of took it as a special sign from her and just had to bring them home to reminisce some. Home feels more "homey" with nostalgic accents of her placed lovingly around. 🌼 Estas pequeñas y delicadas flores blancas siempre me recuerdan a mi bella abuela. A menudo no encuentro un ramo de aliento de bebé, pero hoy lo hice. Lo tomé como una señal especial de ella y sólo tuve que llevarlos a casa para recordar algunos. El hogar se siente más hogareño con los acentos nostálgicos de su puesto amorosamente alrededor. #day59 #día59
Taking a moment to celebrate our beautiful family with a fun movie and homecooking one of our favorites: PIZZA! Yeah, it kind of turned out like the world's most beautiful soup bowl. So we're calling it Soup Bowl Pizzazz! Way good regardless. Our bellies are happy. Hearts are even happier.
A simple yet strong start to my day: Blueberries. Bananas. Hemp Seeds. Cashew Milk. Shake it up ☆ Drink it up ☆ Yum!
Another daisy bloom! A hidden little wonder.
Can you see it? A happy dinner plate! Spicy black bean burgers, grilled sweet corn, and freshly-cut french fries. All homemade with love. Dear dinner plate, I'm pretty happy about this, too.