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Documentary photographer, member of VII Photo. Paris

Ethiopia group portait of flowers sellers. #flower #ethiopia #kids #yellow
Today is the world sight day​,​ chosen by the W​.​H​.​O​.​ to rise awareness on those among us who are visually impaired. ​I​ ha​ve​ worked on the theme of permanent and avoidable blindness for about seven years with the contribution of Ngo C.B.M. in 17 countries spread over four continents. The fruit of his work ​has been a​ ​book published on 2010​ titled Blanco , a work that tells us about this existential condition. "Sometimes I have the awareness that those ​who are​ blind have a capacity to understand and" see "much more intense​vely​ than those we think they see and do not see."
Surrealistic moment with Liouba. #surrealism #dream #cloudyday
No caption... France
Guess what will be the theme of my next exhibition in November... news coming very soon!
Ghost city. Italy
Human ghost. Italy
Streeth ghost . Italy
Homage to Robert Frank #flowersinparis
Detail of Goya's sketch. Francisco Goya the greatest #franciscogoya
I have always always avoided so-called historical events as a photojournalist, I feel more comfortable with much more time than I can to reflect on the real consequences of such events. But I remember that I was impelled to take the first available flight to New York as soon as the border was reopened. The one who will always remember my memory is the feeling of being immersed in a wadding universe. Everything was silence of wonder and sorrow. 9/11/2001
Strange things at the sea
Sicilian fragments #sicily
Sicilian fragments #sicily
Sicilian fragments #sicily
Sicilian fragments #sicily
French riviera #frenchriviera #sun #sea
French riviera #frenchriviera #france #sea #sun