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Old friends and new ❤️
A huge thank you to my curriculum test group for being my guinea pigs over the last 10 days ❤️💻 congratulations on graduating from the @programmers4peace front end development bootcamp #womenwhocode #iLookLikeADeveloper
One more day till I'm reunited with the sweetest girl ❤️❤️
Day two of curriculum testing for the @programmers4peace upcoming Kigali Codes Scholarship. Thank you to @mj_in_motion @birdwinks @ulla_nuna and @katieziz for being my guinea pigs. *** we are still taking scholarship applications and looking for mentors *** visit @programmers4peace for more info
Van goals 🙌🏽
Street Art 👌🏽
Morning reflections 🙏🏽
All the coffee, yes please! ☕️☕️
Good morning from Bangkok 🙏🏽
I've been traveling for 13 months now, teaching code all around the world. I've spent the past 5 months in South East Asia. Bali has been fun but it's time to go home in a few weeks to see family and friends. At the end of November I'll be heading back to Rwanda to host a FREE 12 day intensive front end bootcamp with @programmers4peace Rwanda is full of smart young people but there are not a lot of jobs available. My hope is that by teaching youth the skills they need to get online and access a digital economy they can either start their careers as freelancers or work for a few years and save up some money for university. Teaching skills like coding provides opportunities and I'm so excited that my first intensive course will be hosted in the country that has been a second home to me for 6 years. See you in a month and a half Kigali 🇷🇼***to apply for the Kigali codes scholarship please visit the link in @programmers4peace profile *** special thanks to @klabrwanda for donating the classroom space 🙏🏽
Ada looking super pretty with her new @bali.paws bandana and collar #BaliDog
Yesterday was such a fun day of teaching! It's amazing to see what can be built in 3 hours with no prior coding experience 🤓💻☕️ @learnwithlocals next class is on Tuesday 💕
Thee Bali sunsets 👌🏽
Israel 🇮🇱 the land that taught me that not all hummus is created equal. שנה טובה
Throwback 🇪🇹
These sunsets will never get old ☀️👌🏽💭
Back in the classroom this week @instituteofcode 💻💡💭
Tell me what sets your soul on fire? 🔥
Last day in Ethiopia 🇪🇹 off to Dubai this evening ✈️👌🏽
Stopping by to say hi to Lucy ✌🏽❤️