Jasmine Lee

Jasmine Lee @spinella

I'm jazzy

A night filled with ✨
Cutest ladies of the night 😂 apparently, we're all bad at parallel parking too
Christmas 2016 😍
So proud of my beautiful little who became a brother this past semester! Thankful for my wonderful line 😍
I present to you my big and g-big 😍
They keep me sane
They call me Chinita
My home skillet biscuit and I
To the beautiful woman that inspires, supports and loves me despite my fuckups, happy Mother's day. P.S. My mom is hot, I know
Halloween 2015 :) Until next year!
"Hey! Watch those hands, boy wonder!"
This perfectly describes our friendship #Imadecollegefriends #Maroon5
I'm a lucky (home)girl that gets taken to places by this stella ass dude #ElectricAdventure2015
This is how much my dad loves me. That father-daughter bonding.
I call her exotic and erotic. Ed Sheeran's okay too I guess.
My babes!