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Hot cheetos vs Takis #pickyourpoison #9kracing
They said I could do anything so I'm gonna vlog with my ronin 🌚
This is totally a fair fight #crows #prototype #concept #film
Can you guess our favorite color
Ya'll aint ready for this fire 🌚 Little teaser for now w/ @86_shaomai @xxchilla86xx @nathaniel_nan @dannymnguyen
That guilty look
Burnt spam. Yay or nay 🌚
Baja Blast x Fruit Punch #rawdriving #frs #brz
Hope Cali was fun for you @__natsy and shout out to the fam who came to the meetup on such short ass notice lmfao
Zumba lessons anyone #bajablast
Who's your favorite power ranger
Finally got me a 24-70mm
Do you even carbon? Owner: @bear89103
Yay or nay? Just a render idk if I should lol #speedhunters #km4sh
Got some 🔥 w/ @bear89103 dropping this week
Looking for extra people to help in filming! If you or anyone you know have an interest in film please send them my way. Duties could range from acting, stunt performing, making music, etc. This is the kind of stuff we'll be filming, it looks intense but it's not too crazy - plus its super fun 😎
My dad eats spaghetti with chopsticks lmao