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Barcelona - me duele la corazón pensando en ti. Thinking today especially of this beautiful country I miss so dearly.
This is what days off look like when you live in Vermont!
It's a great day when @allisonkeen5 drops by for afternoon tea!
I couldn't have asked for a better mini vacation or better companions!
Did you know it's against international law to put a filter on a Rothko?
Sore feet, full heart, can't lose
Surveying my kingdom/thinking about milkshakes
Summer Saturday advice: laugh until everything looks like this
Missing this photogenic boy today and all days (also the rest of the fam and summer in Chicago). Pet photographer: @mleff53
Rainy days mean visiting one of my favorite haunts with one of my favorite guys!
Doesn't get much better than this! Ice cream bar and incentive to get out bed after my nap courtesy of @maiadillane and @evasachsse
Thankful to have a Dad who comes all the way to Spain to see me and makes me eat weird salty fish and drink a lot of wine. Happy Father's Day to this guy I owe so much to!
Lake Street Dive you rock my world!
a sight for sore eyes !!
I'm all smiles about summer in Burlington
It's funny, but when you walk by a place everyday you can start to forget how beautiful it is. As the sun dawns on my last day in this city that has taught me so much, I realize just how lucky I am.
"Babe/there's something tragic about you/something so magic about you/don't you agree?"
Started from the bottom...
Sending some transatlantic Mother's Day love to this madre mía! Te amo, te extraño, y nos veremos pronto!