ri ♡

ri ♡ @soberlrh

starve my heart of touch & time .

i’m on the phone with my boo 💓
your manners are beauty
real men are feminists too
rate her outfit 1-10 🖤
my life is highkey falling apart but today i feel so happy (i think it's because my new antidepressant is actually working like i haven't felt this way in years) ❤️
good morning bbys ❣️ i stayed up until 4 am trying to finish my schoolwork because the deadline is this afternoon at 3pm :/ i'm not even halfway done and i have 4 more hours left god help me
i'm making cookies
i'm loving the pain
i tried to refrain but you're stuck in my brain
these boots; yay or nay? yay for me <3
my mom said she's gonna buy me new clothes 🤑
i'm having surgery today so i might not be super active but i'll be back tomorrow ❤️
i don’t know what i am doing with my life or my hair
top, middle, or bottom? ✨
i can barely hear over the music in my head, all these 808s and heartbeats banging in your chest
i say no worries a lot for someone who worries 101% of the time
yeah the truth is that i'm sorry though i told you not to worry
i wanna be your favorite person to talk to 🌹
left or right? 🤗🐶
bella hadid x polaroids