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MY MAWMAS! Jennis mid fall , hot mess she couldn't even order her food she was slurring. #HotMessMawmas #deenasgettingmarried
Reunited with my roomies for #justacoupleofbucks
HAPPY FIRST DAY OF FALL! 🍁🍂🍁 Mawma is ready!!! #Twinsies #Mommy&MeOutfits #2HotMesses #Mawmas link in story ❤️ #SissysSweetBoutique
Which one are you? 💃🏽🍸🍷👅
Photo shoot complete! Shout out to this amazing team for dealing with my ass today! Can't wait to announce what we've been working hard on! 👙🔥❤️
#ad Falsies? Wow, haven’t thought about those since I got my 2 Step Lash Elixir Kit by @thequeenpegasus. My lashes are lookin long AF, magical AF, and Badass AF after only just a few weeks! Always been jealous of my lil nuggets’ lashes, but now it’s at least believable when I tell people they got them from me 🙌 Just launched & already sold out once, the hype is real girls, so get #pegafied at
Thank you so much For the complimentary AMAZING makeover of my kids playroom!! The best thing I've ever done!! @appleshinenyc LINK IS IN STORY 👧🏽👦🏽
Being that we missed last weeks episode, we are bringing you a bonus episode today AND a new one tomorrow!!!!!! Subscribe MAWMAS @itshappeningpodcast 💃🏽🕺🏻 @misterp79
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We are ready for Halloween! 🍁🍂☠️ Our Mommy & Me outfits are up on Sissy's boutique!
Weekend vibes 🖤 #mawma
MAWMA. #snookisport
Here's my favorite set to do at home when I have an hour to myself. Get it MAWMAS. #StrongMawma #LucilleIsMyMotivation (high waist sports leggings from @thesnookishop ) #snookisport
#ad Girls can I get a big ol YASSSSS rn?! @flattummyco JUST launched their Shake It Baby program! YUP, I’ll be shaking my ass off (and tummy!) this month 🙌 SO hyped you don’t even know! Now girls this stuff is CLINICALLY PROVEN to be 3 x more effective than diet and exercise alone - Like, come to mawma! Not every day is gonna be a gym day, but with this it’s all good in the hood. 😎 Who’s down to shake away these few extra lbs with me?? Well get your butt in gear honey, ‘cause it’s available now at!
Waking those muscles up after a 3 day cold 🙋🏽 #HateBeingLazy #WakeUpLazyAss #BackAtIt #BeastMode #LiftingMama #Gainz
My life. #MomLife #Everything👌🏽 Restocked❤️