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Day trip to Bedford Post. ❤️
Perfect blush tones for fall. Tiger bag @sezane / Shop link in bio. 💕
Feelin' romantic in the floral Romane jumper. 🌹 @sezane #sezane
I'm having a shoe problem...Which one should I wear? ❤️ @sezane #sezane #bonjournewyork
Always sticking to basics. 😎 / full @shop_sincerelyjules look. ( blazer, tee & jeans)
My heart is shattered into pieces with everything that's going on in the world lately. I'm especially, deeply saddened and so heartbroken that my home, my country, my people, my beautiful México is going thru this devastating earthquake disaster that has affected so many families. I can't begin to express to you how sad I feel right now, nothing even matters but family and loved ones. My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you today and always México. You're always a big part of me. Please pray for my people and everyone else around the world and if you can please help donate, there's a link in my bio. I will really appreciate it. ❤️🇲🇽 #fuerzaméxico #prayformexico #prayfortheworld #iloveyoumimexico
Good denim @shop_sincerelyjules & good shoes. 🙌🏽 / link in bio
Ridin' and posing. 💕/ @sezane lace top, denim & bag #sezane
NYC mood. 🚕 #sezane
Cabbin' my way around NY in @sezane outfit. 🌟 / shop link in bio #sezane #bonjournewyork
Ruffled up. 💕 @shop_sincerelyjules
Slippin' into this little slip dress to shop around Soho. @shop_sincerelyjules / shop link in bio 💕
Two waffles for two please... 🍰 @kevinberruuu
A tote is always a good idea.. 🌹❤️ #newyork
Every time I stumble across a flower shop, makes me want my own even more! 🌹 #dreambelieveachieve
Always love a good stripe top, especially with a cute back detail. ❤️ @sezane Oscar top / Link in bio #sezane #bonjournewyork
Ta-da! The super cute, first NYC store from my dear friends Morgane and Corentin who launched @Sezane in Paris 2013. Fun fact: Morgane contacted me that year that she was a big fan of my blog and wanted me to shoot their collection as they had just launched the brand. They were the first brand I worked with in Paris and it was my first time experiencing/visiting Paris. It felt like a total dream! I've worked with them since day one and I'm so happy that I've had the privilege to witness their growing success over the years and to be a part of it! When I first met them, there was only 3 of them, and now, with two stores in Paris, a gorgeous brand, a growing team, and a new store in New York, I'm beyond proud of my friends! #sezane #bonjournewyork ❤️
Theme of this trip. 🇫🇷🇺🇸 #sezane #bonjournewyork
Cozy morning in the @sezane Barry sweater and the 1967 jeans, bag from Sezane too! ❤️ Shop link in bio #sezane #bonjournewyork
Everyone needs a pair of little red pumps. ❤️ @sezane #sezane #bonjournewyork