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Emmy Award Winning Cinematographer and Photographer, Conservationist, Speaker, Shark & Manta Defender #RacingExtinction @BlueSphereFoundation

Throwback to a perfect day on the water with the #Sharkwater team and our spotted friends! Support community-based whale shark tourism. 🙏🦈💙 #Repost @teamsharkwater ・・・ oh what a beautiful day!
The biggest story of our changing climate is hidden beneath the waves and we have finally captured it on film. Watch @chasingcoral, now streaming on Netflix. #ChasingCoral
Exciting update from the Misool Manta Project: Make that 500! With your help we have now identified more than 500 individual oceanic manta rays within Raja Ampat and the Birds Head Seascape. Meet RA-MB-0500 a beautiful female who we've seen twice so far. Help us learn more by submitting your ID shots from the area! #mantaray #misool #conservation #indonesianoceanpride #manta
OCEAN INSPIRATION ✨🌊 "People protect what they love." - Jacques Cousteau Please follow @bluespherefoundation and join us in the fight for healthy seas! #bluespherefoundation #whalesharkwednesday #sharkweek #savesharks
#Repost @adriangrenier ・・・ These plastic strips were readily available as I reached my hand into the water. It's literally everywhere, as far as you can look. Each piece of plastic in the sea is another assault on our existence. We must be peaceful warriors for our human right to live in an untainted natural world. I'm off to an ocean conference this week, more to come about that, but for now read this article in @marieclairemag about all this ocean stuff I'm working on. (Link in my profile)
My dear friend and fearless shark conservationist @jim_abernethy working in “close quarters” with a pile of sharks, lights-a-blazing with a quad-rig of @lmlightlife Sola 4000’s - on the set of Tigress Shark. End the War on Sharks! #savesharks #racingextinction #sharkweek #conservation
"You are capable of more than you know. Choose a goal that seems right for you and strive to be the best, however hard the path. Aim high. Behave honorably. Prepare to be alone at times, and to endure failure. Persist! The world needs all you can give." - E. O. Wilson #motivationmonday #savesharks #racingextinction #whaleshark
MANTA MONDAY: @sarah_lewis28 of @indonesianmantaproject connects with a beautiful manta off Bali while shooting our Indonesian Ocean Pride series with fellow sea soldiers @hamishdw and @nadinelist. #mantamonday #mantaray #racingextinction #bluespherefoundation #indonesianoceanpride
#SundayFunday 😊🐳🦈 It doesn't get much better than this! Over one hundred whale sharks, calm seas, and an incredible group to share it with. @bluespherefoundation #bluespherefoundation #whaleshark @backscattervideophoto
In honor of latest news about Peru fully protecting whale sharks, here's a throwback to when they gave the world's largest-known manta ray population full protections in January of 2016. Thank you @wildaid @mantatrust @planetaoceano for your work on these important issues! #bluespherefoundation #racingextinction
BREAKING NEWS!! Whale sharks are now fully protected in Peru! 💙 It is now illegal to target, capture, and retain a whale shark or trade in any whale shark parts across Peru. If one is caught accidentally, it must be released without harm. This is another major marine conservation step forward for the country. In January of 2016 they enacted strong regulations to safeguard the world's largest known manta ray population as well. Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen, including but not limited to Victor Manuel Narro Alberca, Dení Ramírez, Rossana Maguiño, Ale Mendoza Pfennig , Miguel Romero, Aaron Canepa Sosaya, Pacifico Adventures, Oceanica Expeditions Perú, Spondylus Escuela De Buceo / Dive Center, North Shore Peru Expeditions and all the artisanal fishermen who sent their reports. #savesharks #whalesharklove #conservation
We must debunk the myths and irrational fear that the media has conditioned us to believe about sharks. They are sentient, intelligent, and vulnerable creatures deserving of our care and respect. 🙏💙 @hannahmermaid #sharkawarenessday #racingextinction #savesharks
Did you know that humans are responsible for removing up to 100 MILLION sharks from the oceans each and every year? 😱 Together we CAN protect them through national and international efforts to ban the trade of shark fins and provide alternative solutions. 🙌🦈 #BlueSphereFoundation #SharkAwarenessDay #SaveSharks #WorthMoreAlive #RacingExtinction
END the WAR on SHARKS! #Repost @bluespherefoundation ・・・ Sharks are in trouble. Big trouble! Scientists have seen crucial populations drop 90% in just one generation. Together, we CAN protect them through national and international efforts and to ban the trade of shark fins. As our friends at @wildaid say: 'when the buying stops, the killing can, too!' @shawnheinrichs @racingextinction #savesharks #racingextinction #sharkawarenessday #bluespherefoundation #worthmorealive #finbannow
🦈 #SharkAwarenessDay 🦈 Together we can #savesharks through national and international efforts to ban the trade of shark fins. Please follow @bluespherefoundation for updates as my team and I work relentlessly to end the war on sharks and save our oceans. #bluespherefoundation
🦈🦈 Sharks are considered the fiercest predators in the oceans yet every year humans kill an estimated 100 MILLION sharks, targeted primarily for their fins for shark fin soup. No other marine animal can fill the role that sharks play. If we remove sharks from the oceans, the stability of all marine ecosystems is threatened. What if 2 billion people lose their primary protein source? Can we ever afford to take that risk? END THE WAR ON SHARKS! @bluespherefoundation #sharkawarenessday #bluespherefoundation #racingextinction #worthmorealive #savesharks
✨WHALE SHARK MAGIC✨ My friend @ialhusseini shares a special moment with one of 250 gentle giants encountered in Isla Mujeres, Mexico this past week on our inaugural @bluespherefoundation trip. #fbf #conservation #whaleshark #bluespherefoundation #racingextinction #shark
What motivates you? For our team at @bluespherefoundation, it's all of YOU helping to protect the planet and inspire others to join the race! 🐳💙 #RacingExtinction #BlueSphereFoundation
Hanging with my friends! 💙 Please make sure you're following @bluespherefoundation for updates on our conservation projects around the world. #WhaleSharkWednesday #bluespherefoundation