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Conservationist/Founder @bluespherefoundation Emmy Award Winning Cinematographer & Photographer, Shark & Manta Defender #RacingExtinction

#Repost @misool.resort ・・・ Join us in Portland, Oregon on 2nd November to take a journey to the coral reefs of Raja Ampat, Indonesia come to Portland PLUS win a trip to 7 night stay at Misool! Conservation Trailblazers @patagonia and @wildaid team up with Emmy Award-Winning Filmmaker @shawnheinrichs and Misool co-founder Marit Miners for this rare chance to go underwater and behind the scenes at Misool’s award-winning resort and Misool Foundation. Entry to the event is a USD 48 donation. All proceeds to benefit Misool Foundation and WildAid to support 24/7 enforcement of the 300,000 acre Marine Protected Area and coastal community programs supporting education, recycling of plastics, and sustainable livelihoods. Entrance also includes local beer, kombucha, soft drinks, vegetarian-friendly hors d’oeuvres, and sweet treats sponsored by Patagonia and WildAid. Purchase raffle tickets on the Eventbrite page (LINK IN @misool.resort PROFILE) or at the event for a chance to win Patagonia merchandise, Misool merchandise, and a host of other treats. For guests who want to dig a little bit deeper, they can buy an extra-special Golden Raffle Ticket for $100 and enter the draw to win a 7-night stay for 2 at Misool. Only 175 tickets will be sold! Winners will be treated to luxurious full-board accommodation, a 5 dive or snorkel package each, and a traditional Indonesian massage each, valued at over $6000. Pre-purchase your Golden Raffle Ticket(s) at the link in the profile, or buy them at the event. Terms and Conditions apply. @shawnheinrichs @wildaid @patagoniaportland @patagonia
🐋💙Incredible how a mother whale can entrust her most precious possession to interact freely with us. #bluespherefoundation #savethewhales #humpback #discoverocean #underwater #tonga #wildlife #whale
Incredible day in Tonga interacting with and filming Humpback Whales with my @reddigitalcinema Weapon Helium 8k, and fully decked out in my @scubapro freedive kit! A mom, calf and escort came right up to me and sat motionless at the surface for 10-15 minutes!🐳🐳🐳 I looked right into their curious and gentle eyes, feeling their immensely deep spirits and love❤️🐳❤️ I have nothing but gratitude for these incredible gifts from nature🙏🏻🦋 @bluespherefoundation @reddigitalcinema @backscattervideophoto @scubapro @hannahmermaid @mandalaisland 📸 Ben Newton
New podcast! Check it out 😊 #Repost @myhomeplanetpodcast ・・・ You’d be hard pressed to find a greater friend to our oceans and all who inhabit them than @shawnheinrichs. In this episode of MHP, this brilliant award-winning cinematographer and conflict zone journalist shares his insights from the front line of planet survival. Shawn talks about the challenges of reaching the 99%, celebrating the feminine, the importance of saving even just one life, swimming with mermaids and his one real regret. Listen in on iTunes or at #myhomeplanetpodcast #bluespherefoundation #candacecrespi #blueplanetbrightlight #hannahmermaid #racingextinctionmovie
Have you watched @chasingcoral on @netflix yet? An absolutely beautiful film and message about the importance of coral reefs for the health of our oceans and planet. #chasingcoral #discoverocean #reef #coral
What are YOU doing to make a difference in this world? Remember: it's better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. 🙌🌊 #mantamonday #plotagraph #racingextinction #mantaray @conservationorg @conservationid
The Misool Marine Reserve has been named as a Mission Blue Hope Spot! Click the link in @mission_blue's bio to learn more. #MisoolGivesMeHope because the marine reserve is working: an overall increase of 250% in fish biomass in just six years, and a staggering 600% increase in fish biomass on some of the key dive sites! Perhaps even more impressive has been the rebound or reef shark populations, with the latest study showing 25 times more sharks found inside the Marine Reserve than directly outside of it. Why does Misool give YOU hope? @misool.resort
BREAKING NEWS: The Misool Marine Reserve has been named as a Mission Blue Hope Spot! Click the link in @mission_blue's bio to learn more. Led by legendary oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue is uniting a global coalition to inspire an upwelling of public awareness and support for a worldwide network of marine protected areas. Hope Spots are special places that are critical to the health of the ocean. The Reserve was established in 2005 through a powerful partnership between local communities, private island resort and ecotourism operator ( @misool.resort) and NGO ( In the last decade, the team have achieved some incredible conservation wins. Data shows that ecosystem health and biodiversity is increasing: fish biomass has increased on average of 250% over a six year period. Anecdotal reports from scuba divers reveal that the diving conditions continue to improve year-on-year. Similarly, anecdotal reports from local fishermen just outside the Misool Marine Reserve confirm higher catch rates. #MisoolGivesMeHope because there are 25 times more sharks on the reefs here than there were 10 years ago — and far more mantas, too! Why does Misool give YOU hope? Upload a video and tag with the hashtag #MisoolGivesMeHope
It's hard to believe that such a small team can do so much. But they do! I'm proud of my friends at #Misool for their ongoing conservation work. #Repost ・・・ Here's a snapshot of the conservation programmes that the Misool Foundation team run in Raja Ampat and Sorong. • Misool Marine Reserve • Misool Ranger Patrol • Misool Manta Project • Bank Sampah Community Recycling Programme • Misool Community Education We're also starting to build Alternative Livelihoods Cooperatives with the surrounding communities thanks to generous funding from the Raja Ampat government. If you'd like to donate, please visit the donation page of our website - #salamkonservasi #dreamteam #conservationists #followyourpassion #rajaampat 📷 @shawnheinrichs @bluespherefoundation
What great memories! Check out these highlights from our 2017 Whale Shark Trip to Isla Mujeres! *Click the link in @bluespherefoundation bio to watch the full video* In the summer months of July and August, the world’s largest aggregation of whale sharks is found to gather off Isla Mujeres, Mexico. In 2009, @jim_abernethy and I organized the first expedition to discover this once-mythical aggregation and have been returning to the clear blue water with guests every year to share and document this one-of-a-kind experience of over three hundred whale sharks feeding on the surface in one location at the same time - nowhere else on earth can you enjoy such prolonged encounters with so many whale sharks. Whale sharks are the world’s largest fish, reaching up to fifty feet in length and weighing up to eighteen tons! But don’t let their massive size put you off getting in the water and swimming alongside them. These magnificent creatures are completely harmless and feed exclusively on tiny plankton. In fact, they are known as the ‘gentle giants’ of the sea and are sometimes joined by the equally peaceful manta rays with wingspans exceeding fifteen feet. Your voyage to Isla Mujeres will not only be a once in a lifetime adventure but also a life changing philanthropic endeavor that raises critical funds to support the conservation work of the @bluespherefoundation. Contact rich to enquire about joining the 2018 expedition. #whaleshark #bluespherefoundation #ecotourism #conservation #ocean #shark #mexico
😔 Entanglement in commercial fishing gear poses a major threat to Manta Rays. This massive and ancient female oceanic manta ray trails a barnacle encrusted mass of gill net, that is cutting painfully deep into her cephalic fin and her dorsal surface. It will either slowly amputate her cephalic fin and release or she will die from it. Sadly, she dived deep before we could begin to cut her free. Please help us save the #mantas! @wildaid @mantatrust @racingextinction @bluespherefoundation #racingextinction #worthmorealive #conservation #ocean #wildlife #mantaray #bluespherefoundation
I am super excited to share that am now a Deep Elite @scubapro Ambassador! 🌊😊 I arrived back from my latest expedition to find boxes of some of the coolest scuba and free diving equipment I have ever seen. I cannot wait to put this kit through the rigors! Thank you so much #ScubaPro for for your incredible support, and more importantly, for your passion and commitment to ocean conservation! #scuba #dive #scubadiving #freedive #saltlife #discoverocean #oceanoptimism @juliesharkangel @sharkangels @abc4explore @mission_blue
I absolutely love this! Stop-motion @lego video by 2 inspired kids, Cruz & Brahm Erdmann from New Zealand, proving mantas are worth far more alive than dead! Great work guys! You can watch the full video on my Facebook page. @conservationorg @indonesianmantaproject #manta #ecotourism #racingextinction #worthmorealive #bluespherefoundation
Using art is an essential tool in halting the destruction of threatened species. People only protect what they love—and recognizing this, we can bring the beauty and vulnerability of marine life to mainstream audiences across the globe, fueling a new wave of curiosity and appreciation for the oceans, and inspire the global community to take immediate steps to conserve them. @hannahmermaid #ARTivism #bluespherefoundation #racingextinction #conservation #seasblack #manta
I'm so grateful for the team at @oceanicpreservationsociety for allowing me to share my conservation journey with the world. If you haven't seen @racingextinction it's now streaming on @hulu! #mantamonday #racingextinction #manta #indonesianoceanpride #conservation
URGENT: A California-based production company called DUO Creative Communications, Inc. wants to go to Hawaii and film their Japanese host culling/killing tiger sharks. 💔 Please express your concern with me! Email, call or text: MEGUMI @DUOCC.COM 1-415-433-1048 #savesharks #racingextinction #worthmorealive
‪Dive friends! Do any of you have manta ray belly photos? If so, please upload them to ID and add to the @MantaTrust database - link in @racingextinction bio. #citizenscience #manta #mantaray #conservation #indonesianoceanpride #bluespherefoundation #racingextinction
Every time I sink beneath the surface I'm blown away by the beauty and magic that lies beneath ✨🌊 #saltlife #jellyfish #indonesianoceanpride #ocean #nature
Sharks have evolved over 450 million years, surviving 5 mass extinction events, keeping the ocean ecosystems in balance. No other marine animal can fill the role that sharks play! If we remove sharks from the oceans, the stability of all marine ecosystems is threatened. END THE WAR ON SHARKS! @bluespherefoundation #finbannow #bluespherefoundation #racingextinction #savesharks #worthmorealive @wildaid @vulcaninc @pewenvironment @oceana @conservationorg
THROWBACK: The talented @hannahmermaid dances with Devil Rays to highlight how interactive, charismatic and vulnerable these “little mantas” are, and to inspire nations to afford them the critical protection they deserve. Click the link in my bio to watch the video! #tbt #loveminimantas #racingextinction #mobula