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Hawaii Travel Adventure Vlogs @shangerdanger


Oh I want something just like this โœจ
Tag someone you would do this with! ๐Ÿ‘ฏ Nothing better than the daily adventures with our awesome Oahu crew last summer. I'm starting to realize the best way to create amazing content is to just go out with your friends and have fun. Then the beauty comes naturally.
Into the fog... Grab a friend, preferably one with a bright ass jacket so you don't lose her lol ๐ŸŒซ๐ŸŒซ๐ŸŒซedit by @_e_in
Play time with @saltyshelb at @occidentalcaribe ! Tomorrow we are going to a secret beach that you can only access by boat. We can't wait to explore it! Keep an eye on my story to see how it goes. #barcelostories #occidentalcaribe #ad
This trip to big island was seriously so incredible. You gotta go check it out on YouTube!!! Can't wait for the next adventure with @justinshiigi @bellesdespins and @lilylunaa
So many opportunities are opening up and there's definitely a shitload of fish in the sea. Can't wait to see what this summer holds for me. BIG things coming up, and congrats to anyone else who graduated and is feeling that same buzz!
Ready for a change of scenery. I have some awesome travels planned this summer and it would be sick to meet up with people. I'll be all around California until the end of June and then in Spain and Greece all of July. If you live in any of those places send me a message and let's connect!
Bummed that I'm leaving my bae for the summer. She's my rock. Glad I scored this epic summer vibe day before we leave!
One of the best day I've ever had at Waimea bay ๐Ÿ โœจ
(FULL VIDEO ON YOUTUBE) I'm pretty crazy for water slides in nature, so when I heard about this one I was dying to go. We finally went a few weekends ago and it is a LOT more intense than it looks! But boy was it fun. Super awesome trip with @justinshiigi and the @bellesdespins crew!
Missing this clarity. Just counting down the days until we're free from responsibility for 3 months โœจ
What's the only thing better than playing in the sand with a beach babe? 2 sandy beach babes!