Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson @shanedawson


we're in this together baby
In the studio making some fire beats 🎧🔥🔪📀
You'll float too... except you Shane. You'll sink.
I found this picture on my laptop and i literally can't explain it.
long night at the club. shoutout to my girl for always holding my purse.
Outside.... What is that dad? I don't know son. I don't know.
I don't remember taking this picture but i do remember trying to light a chip on fire and then burning all my fingers.
i love being outside and slowly dying
We found him!!!!! Thank you to everyone who helped and sent good vibes. I thought i was never going to see him again. My neighborhood is full of coyotes and i was loosing hope. I'm never letting him out of my sight EVER! Give ur pets a hug and let them know how much u love them!!! :,))))))
I CAN'T BREATHE! Big Brother has been a huge part of my life and to meet @juliechencbs is such a dream come true. I wish my grandma was alive to be with me in this moment :,) BIG BROTHER FOREVER!
Having so much fun at the VMA's! 👊🏻🔥🍾
Wedding Queens
not photoshopped
Aly & Aj & Shane
Monica & Phoebe ☕️❤️
just pretending to walk by the most famous fake coffee shop in the world! ❤️☕️
I literally don't remember taking this picture but i haven't posted in like a week so... hi!
One of us is getting expelled. Take a guess.
keep your enemies close