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17!👌Im a simple person with a complicated mind...❄️⚡️

Hiding from responsabilities like 😂 • Can my dog be any cuter tho🙌 • • #love #life #living #dog #dogs #puppies #cute #cutie #animals #puppy #awesome #living #art #photography #photo #sleeping #meme #blanket #soft #lovely
Sorry, I know its bad, but I really havent been able to take pictures since I cant walk, besides the cloud looked cool • • •
This is so beautiful I just had to post it, thank you @erika.wi for showing this to me🙌
Sorry for the bad quality on the second one but its just a really good poem • •
Happy Earth Day!!!! • •
Im so boreddd, I need to go outside😂 •
An artsy picture of me looking up after I climbed a tree👌 • •
So sad spring break is over😢
Im ready to binge watch all the shows Ive been meaning to watch, this spring break😂😂 •
I had so much fun at the beach yesterday👏👏👌👌 🌊 •
Thanks for the henna @andreajsolis !!! I love it!!😁
Idk why but I wanted to post a picture that would personalize this account a little more so, heres my picture 🙃 •
Happy saturday :) •
How would you feel? If I told you I love you🥀 -Ed Sheeran •
"Im sick to my soul with a disease called thought" • #selflove