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would you download this backing track? leave a comment if you'd like me to share it. ⠀ 👉🏽 i will upload it to SoundCloud if you guys are interested. the chords are Gm Am7b5 | Bb Ebmaj7 D7. the bridge is C/E Ebmaj7 | Am11b5 Bb7. that sounds complicated... but u can play g minor pentatonic over the whole thing 😂
backstage at the Blue Note. shout out to @rotemsivanguitar for the duo hang ❤️ ⠀ 📸: @GracieTerzian
im hype to be playing at Blue Note with @rotemsivanguitar this Sunday. Also, tonight — @54below with @hopeamanda and her 10-piece cast. #NZ #Kiwi #NYC #Guitar
How to play hot licks on your guitar ⠀ 🌶 Tags: @guildguitars #Guitar #Siracha #GuildGuitars #GoorinBros #Pickupjazz #Guitar #Guitarist
hangs with my Swedish friends, @weareelektron. 📸: @johandamerau
what chord do you automatically play when you pick up a guitar? +1 if you name mine...👀 ⠀ 📸: @prismaguitars #Guitarist #NAMM #Guitar
once you start playing guitar, it's hard to stop ⠀ ⠀ 📸: Andrew Rauener #Ibanez #Daybreaker #NYC #NZ
should I get it... y/n? 📸: @franklinstrap
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Comment what I should mimic next. ⠀ #Harambe #Helicopter @guildguitars
Out here in Ocean City playing rock n roll with @iamlesgreene and his band with @derekswink for 4th July weekend.
what do you have planned for summer? 📸: @rotemsivanguitar
How to play “Donna Lee” ☕️ #Aeropress #Coffee #Jazz
i didn't even hurt an onion. 🌶 ps.. thanks for following my ig, I have a ton of creative ideas to share with you. I've been working hard on the new course as well 🔑
How to practice guitar more... 👉🏼combine it with other things
💡 How to chop an onion with a fuzz pedal. @ohmlesspedals @sinasoid