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Exclusive London Listening Event on Wednesday October 25 for Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues:

One time for Black Star.
Live in #londontown on #wuwednesday @roughtrade. Click the link in bio to pick up tickets for an exclusive event with @mathematicswu and myself this Wednesday. Bong bong. #wutang #thesagacontinues
London London Bridge. Catch me live in London on Wednesday: www.36chambers.com/roughtrade // BTS w/ @timwestwoodtv @36chambers
Peace. Pre-order now available for "Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues" (link in bio). Released via @36chambers.
October 13th. Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues.
We feel honored to work with the @asianartmuseum on the next @36chambers collection. The museum has a very cool well of ideas to draw from, which are represented in our garments. Museum pop up on Thursday, online release of the limited edition Emperors' Treasures collection on Friday. #36chambers
Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues. 10.13.17. Crafted by @mathematicswu. #wuwednesday
NEW MUSIC FRIDAY. WU-TANG: THE SAGA CONTINUES, NEW ALBUM CRAFTED BY WU-TANG DJ AND PRODUCER @mathematicswu. FEATURING MEMBERS OF WU-TANG, RELEASED ON OCTOBER 13, 2017 THROUGH @36chambers. LINK IN BIO TO STREAM THE FIRST SINGLE "PEOPLE SAY" ft. @methodmanofficial, @raekwon, @ins_tagrams, @mastakillamusic, @redmangilla. #wutang #peoplesay #36chambers #wutangclan #newmusicfriday
[Continued from previous post] I've been blessed to travel to many countries around the world using my American Passport (the same as my white,yellow,brown,red or any other so called "color" American)and can attest to the quality of life that can be provided by our country. This quality is to shared by all families who inhabit this country and extended to those who visit and migrate here with pure positive intentions. The diversity and amalgamation of our population cultures knowledge heritages is a pillar of our strength. To allow this pillar to collapse because of racism hate bigotry and delusions will be detriment to our progress. Food for thought, The Abbot Rza
Peace there are approximately 300 million people in the United States who all share the same culture, land, language and history. People whose family lineages have fought in wars throughout centuries and present date sacrificing our sons,daughters,fathers and mothers to preserve our way of life. "We the People" built the infrastructure, toiled the land, ignited commerce, discovered inventions, labored in industries and populated cities. Although from multiple backgrounds the majority of the generation here today fundamentally sprouted from the same roots. So for any White Man or any other ethnic group to equate Americas greatness with out including the greatness and contributing factor of the Black Man or any other American ethnic group is absurd and mathematically incorrect. Every drop of water that flows through our plumbing every watt of electricity that flow through our wires every signal emitted from our satellites are the result of a combined effort of the American population. Each generation has added to this equation with the weight shifting variantly upon the different ethnics at different points of time over the span of hundreds of years. Not omitting the thousands of years the "Native Americans" have invested into this land. For us to divide ourselves or look upon our fellow countrymen with beams of disdain and mindless malevolence is indeed an erroneous act. The old mendacious ideology of genetics, history, and identity has been exposed and we should not be deluded to turn back to such falsehoods nor attempt to instill and exploit such fabrications into the minds of our impressionable youth. The biblical analogy of Lot's wife turning back to her past only to be frozen into a pillar of salt is applicable here. Although we are all part of the human family Americans should be aware that only approximately 300 million of us share the history, the experience of growing, flourishing, living, suffering and loving, in these 50 United States. ( and its acquired territories) If we were to measure ourselves to the remaining 7,700,000,000 people populating the planet, we can see we're proportionately a small group. [continued on next post]
If you ain't having a good time, you're wasting your time.
22 Years Strong. This #WuWednesday we prescribed listening to the entire "Only Built For Cuban Linx" LP. Word was after 36, Tical, the flood, I was out of beats 😉 #onlybuilt4cubanlinx #purpletape
Veggie 🌯
Wu Wisdom for Wu Wednesday.
Building a better tomorrow through the latest @36chambers #WuWednesday drop: vegan wallet featuring Chinese seals designed by artist Lu Kesi. Link in bio for more details.
The Kung Fu Western w/Opening Ceremony.