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Author: Ego is the Enemy. The Obstacle is The Way.

"The monument is intended not only to mark the public gratitude to the fallen hero, who at a critical moment assumed a perilous responsibility, but also to commemorate that great event, wherein he was a leader, by which the title of colored men as citizen-soldiers was fixed beyond recall. In such a work all who honor youthful dedication to a noble cause and who rejoice in the triumph of freedom should have an opportunity to contribute." 7 mile run to all the great Civil War monuments in Boston, including this one, the one to Charles Summer, Wendell Phillips, William Lloyd Garrison, and the Soldiers and Sailors monument. We need more not fewer Civil War memorials.
About to start an AMA in r/books about my favorite topic. Check it out on Reddit and we can talk books. This photo has nothing to do with the AMA, it's from a while ago by @jaredpolin. I'm wearing a different white tshirt now.
mundus ipse est ingens deorum omnium templum ("the world itself is a huge temple to all the gods.") Underneath this an actual chapel, so the quote is true both ways. 7 mile morning run before my talk to @vthokiembb
Here is Perennial Seller as an unfinished but very easy to solve multi-story jigsaw puzzle in Times Square. Thanks @nasdaq @shettyjay
John Graves wrote that owning a farm "devoured much time and energy that might more wisely have been sluiced into other kinds of equally human effort elsewhere" and that nothing took more time than fences. He is very right. My mornings and nights have basically been all fence posts, fence clips, barbwire and chainsaws for the last two weeks. But Graves is also right when he says that it's pretty much worth the trade. @jaredpolin took this photo.
When stuck, go for a run. 6 miles. Then it started pouring.
1.25 mile swim day this morning before the launch of the new book...which promptly fell in the water seconds after this photo was taken.
Evening walks on the farm, taking in the land that the bank lets me make payments on.
Memento Mori doing a little over seven miles on this wonderful morning. You can see the back of the coin on DailyStoic.com/coin. I had this made for myself but you can get one too.
Tonight will be the third time I have seen Iron Maiden play three times under as many different presidents. They also inspired the book I have coming out in July. This shirt is from high school.
One mile for every decade this morning.
6+ mile run. Then 5 mile run. OKC is a beautiful town.
Yesterday, 4.5 mile barefoot run on the beach and 1,000 yard swim. This morning 6 miles in the rain and then this.
Quite a bit of trail traffic on my run along the Bow River this morning. 6.89 miles.
The trails are finally fixed after last year's flooding in Bastrop State Park. Although to be honest I've been ignoring the 'closed' signs for a while. 13 miles in two days.
7 miles in SF this morning. Always run before a talk, never eat. I think you can livestream the speech on @linkedin's Youtube channel.
Six years almost to the day I first started it, in the city I first started it, new and updated manuscript of Trust Me I'm Lying is in, galley of Perennial Seller is proofed, and notecards for the book after that are nearly complete.
Run down St Charles, along the streetcar tracks on the neutral ground, past Louisiana Ave, past Napoleon, past Jefferson, take the first left into the park, cut along the trees, cross the road, keep going after the riding stables and there it is: the backside of the giraffe enclosure at the Audubon Zoo. Maybe the best city run anywhere in the country. 7.75 miles.
Landed at 2am, running by 7am. 5.2 miles along the Bow River. Cool town.
I'm always too self-conscious to ask for pictures so I was secretly relieved that @cthagod suggested it. His book is really good and I wrote about it for my @thoughtcatalog piece this week. Also this was in the TRL studio which I embarrassingly attended a taping of like 15 years ago.