Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose @rubyrose

❤️J.❤️Inmate escapee landing in a T-Virus outbreak. Went after John Wick / made friends with Xander Cage. Discovered MEG, bumped into the Bella's

Versatility and functionality with pants that literally make the swoosh sound when you walk. #techpack #teamnike
When they ask what you drink and you say "only water oh and sparkling...water". #rockstar Thank you China I had the best time!!
Stand tall even when you feel invisible. You are strong. You are unique. #teamnike #niketech @nikesportswear
#Teamnike Chains and sneakers #techpack
I'm so here for this. The neutral color palette of this season’s Tech Fleece collection is my aesthetic goals. #techpack #teamnike
Sleeping on the floor series day two.
I take my pillow everywhere so I can nap on floors because I'm 8.
Arrived home to a bunch of free gifts from my friends @casper !!! .. currently in the process of navigating the dog hierarchy.. I thought I was top dog.. but they keep leaving my the small dog bed :/
Brb jumping into my bath portal to travel into another dimension so I can avoid packing and unpacking.
Thanks N.Y it's been a great trip.
Happy birthday to this beautiful man xoxox I love and adore you till the end of time.
So good to see this babe the other day ❤️ mad love. New season of @oitnb had me like 😭😶😧😮👀💯
Double the trouble.. double the Jet Lag. Double the water consumption.. double the pee breaks.. circle of life. 🌅🦁