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❤️J.❤️Inmate escapee landing in a T-Virus outbreak. Went after John Wick / made friends with Xander Cage. Discovered MEG, bumped into the Bella's

All love @vindiesel All love for you this special day xXx
Thanks N.Y it's been a great trip.
Happy birthday to this beautiful man xoxox I love and adore you till the end of time.
River Phoenix wearing a P.E.T.A sweater appreciation post.
Thanks Mary! Your edits always make my day ❤️!
Find your inner peace in a banana world.
Just casually being an ice cream topping @museumoficecream
Just a few days ago I was in China, at the Shanghai film festival announcing the two films I'm shooting back to back. First I was so proud to announce we are shooting xXx 4, and secondly an amazing film called Three Sisters with Timur Bekmambetov directing. I admire Timur and I loved the movie "Wanted" which was written by Derek Haas and directed by Timur. This is the first time they have teamed up since then and I am losing my cool at how excited I am.. that will be my 7th film.. 2 years ago I hadn't even been in a studio film. Whoever says you shouldn't follow your dreams is just someone who gave up before they could achieve theirs. I am so ecstatic to wake up everyday doing what I love that everyday feels like the first. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to making this possible.
So good to see this babe the other day ❤️ mad love. New season of @oitnb had me like 😭😶😧😮👀💯
Double the trouble.. double the Jet Lag. Double the water consumption.. double the pee breaks.. circle of life. 🌅🦁
Happy pride month! I've partnered with @lyft for their round up and donate program! Opt in and you can round up to the nearest dollar and help benefit the HRC #lgbtq #lyft #rideoutloud
@jessicaveronica @lisa_veronica OBSESSED::: UTOPIA looking dream. Meanwhile I'm going to go on tour as a clap instructor.. do you think there is a market to very politely coach clapping ? I'll dress as a giant hand. It will be fun!! And then I can QUIT EVERYTHING AND JUST TRAVEL IN MY ❤️s suitcase ( just kidding god, I REALLY LOVE MY JOB ) #TheVeronicas performing #TheOnlyHigh
This is how Cody I am not being there at The Voice in Australia to watch this epic performance by @jessicaveronica @lisa_veronica ... I just watch this shit on repeat to get through each day...and trust me my phone is just 1000s of pictures of her and even more of her and the dogs.
And while I'm here I can't forget my training for Adele in xXx... but... more new exciting news on that soon ;)
FBF To stealing Bing Bings hat on set of Meg... out next year. Haha I actually am obsessed with this visor.
Watching this from early John Wick days is wild. This was day 2 and we changed the choreography everyday... I wish I could dance like I fight haha