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Austin Moon 🌙 👻 - LedCorsair

The #HURTSGOOD video is here.
Truly. People tell us all the time "you have the most dedicated fans". Its accurate. We've been doing this a long time, and I have been to a lot of shows. I've never seen people jump and dance like you guys do at an R5 concert. Or follow film that hasn't come out yet (my friend dahmer is coming)! love what i do, and will be forever grateful for you.
Its a good occasion. #HURTSGOOD was released yesterday but we celebrate tonight. Its gon get krunk fam. Playing the ABC tonight in Glasgow. Im pretty sure the clerk thought we were alcoholics...
Spend a minute or two. open some sort of streaming app. Type "HURTS GOOD". Listen and love. Then share. ❤️
Just a friendly reminder.
EUROPEAN TOUR! R5rocks.com/tour for tickets. #hurtsgood #R5
Turbulant waters last night on the ferry. None of us got much sleep.
From actor to musician now. I will be in Europe for the next 6 weeks (or so) playing shows with @officialr5. 💃🏼bout to boogie.
#deauvilleamericanfilmfestival was amazing. The french people and their love of cinema is unmatched. So many people saw @myfrienddahmer And the response was fantastic. I loved getting to know a lot of people on the dance floor at 5am... 🍾🍾🍾 was everywhere. A special thank you to this man and his wife Jody. They are the reason My Friend Dahmer exists in its film format, and the reason i had the pleasure to be in it. Love them both ❤️.
I like the overcast weather here. Its great light for pictures. On our way to Ireland. 🇮🇪 🇮🇪 🇮🇪 🇮🇪 🇮🇪 definitely gonna get some Guinness.
My Friend Dahmer just had its European premiere in Deauville France. Couldn't have gone better. #deauvilleamericanfilmfestival #deauville #myfrienddahmer
I think you'll want to share this song. Its wild 🔥. @officialr5 #hurtsgood #newmusicalert #newmusicfriday
Last night in Paris until the work begins. Hardly work at first though. We head off to Deauville for a screening of 'My Friend Dahmer' then our European tour starts. Which is always fun because you are in a new country almost every day. Im looking forward to tonight and the days to come. #paris #deauville #myfrienddahmer #R5EuropeTour2017 #yep
Got my dancing shoes on cause I never take em off.
OKC was much better than expected. Loved it. Thank you for coming out on a Saturday night.
Riker and I on @themichaelrosenbaum's brand new podcast Inside Of You. Subscribe and listen here ---> http://apple.co/2tL4sKW #InsideofR5
Thats my sister. Its her birthday! We took a tequila shot at 12:01.
I missed this woman.
Mexico is gonna be bad in the best ways.