Rose Flowers - doTERRA

Rose Flowers - doTERRA @roseflowersfp

I gave a friend an essential oil experience. She had never heard of doTERRA and always bought her oils from the health food store. This is what she had to say about her oils after smelling my doTERRA oils: "My rosemary smells more menthol-y and my peppermint smells watered down." Couldn't have said it better myself!! #essentialoils
This spray is AMAZING!!!!! It has helped me get through some pretty hot summers and I'm looking forward to making it again to get me through this summer!! Woo hoo!! #essentialoils
This diffuser blend will make you 😴😴 hard and fast. #essentialoils #diffuserblend
Keep your lavender on stand by this upcoming summer!! It's already warm and sunny here in Nevada and I can already anticipate needing my trusty lavender to soothe my skin. #essentialoils
Cheer encourages individuals who are overcome by feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. It restores one's hope when they have been stretched beyond their limits. #essentialoils
Clear your mind and just let it all go with this awesome roller bottle blend. You really don't want me to start singing "Let It Go", do you?! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #essentialoils
Are you going to let $50 in FREE Essential Oils pass you by?!?!?! #essentialoils
So, it looks as if we're going to be moving again. I am so glad that I have my oils to help with the cleaning process. They make it so my girls are able to help and I don't have to worry about them touching or breathing in toxic chemicals. Can I get a 'Hooray' for essential oils?!! #essentialoils
Live your life to the fullest and remember that it's always a new day with this incredible diffuser blend. #essentialoils #diffuserblend
Tis the season for ticks to be around ruining our fun!! Use this neat and super easy recipe to keep them away!! #essentialoils #diyrecipe
When your husband actually asks you to put on essential oils! Say, what?! 😁 #essentialoils
Diffuse or apply topically to evoke feelings of tranquility and balance. #essentialoils
Toilet's so clean you'll want to eat off of them...not seriously. Please don't do that. That's just gross. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #essentialoils
Relax, unwind, and make today a lazy Sunday with this awesome diffuser blend. #essentialoils #diffuserblend
ᡜCassiaᡜ This essential oil brings gladness and courage to the heart and soul. It is a wonderful remedy for the shy and timid. It helps those who hold back and try to hide. When a person avoids being the center of attention, Cassia can restore their confidence. #essentialoils
Breaking out my old bottle of TerraShield for outdoor activities. TerraShield contains powerful essential oils and other plant oils known to provide outdoor protection in a natural, safe way. #essentialoils
This is my go to blend for when my girls gang up on me and I'm getting, "Mom, Mom!!" from two different directions. 😜 Oh, essential oils, what would I do without you! #essentialoils #diffuserblend
One of my absolute faves and also one of the first that I was ever introduced to. This made me a doTERRA addict. How about you?? #essentialoils