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Dream car complete!!!! Hexedphase is my favorite boost and I got it white!!! #rocketleaguetrading #rocketleague
OMG. I finally got white endo. I paid heat and purple fsl. But I don't care. I love this endo. #rocketleague #rocketleaguetrading #white
Congrats @rohanmahal_ for winning the giveaway!!! DM me to claim your prize!!! #rocketleague #rocketleaguetrading #lit #givaways
We have reached 700!!! Comment on my most recent post beside this one to enter! #rocketleague #rocketleaguetrading #smallgiveaway #lit PS. I will randomly pick with something like a site maybe? But it ends tonight at 9:00 PM EST.
Have a good day everyone! #rocketleaguetrading #rocketleague #memes
Shoutout @tripzo get him to 900! He does RL and Tom Clancy. #rocketleague #rocketleaguetrading #lit
Inventory update! #rocketleague #rocketleaguetrading PS. I have way more painted uncommons I just can't put all those pics in. Just DM me a painted uncommon you might need and I'll tell you if I've got it. And the volts are orange and pink.
And everyone said the crim volts trade was bad!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I got so many offers. This was the best. The zombas are black and goalkeeper saffron. And the volts are pink.
Guys. I just want to let you know that most giveaways that seem WAY to good to be true are normally fake. People like @white_draco_raffle are making accounts just to get followers I feel like. Like why would you give white Draco away for free when you can sell them on PayPal for like 250$? Its really just a waste to repost there posts when it's probably fake. #rocketleague #rocketleaguetrading but people like @giveawaygodrl are legit and actually give stuff back to the community. And NEVER give items to people who are giving stuff away for a "better chance" at winning.
Here is a gameplay look at the black zombas. Because the last pic I took was bad. But this is not my best clip. I just found one that had the black zombas in it. #rocketleague #rocketleaguetrading #gameplay And let me know if you think they still look purple in the comments.
My new car😍😍 #rocketleague #rocketleaguetrading
Want lab for the 5 turbo and 3 of the cc1. #rocketleague #rocketleaguetrading
I don't believe I got this! The fsl he traded are fg and the endo is purple #rocketleague #rocketleaguetrading
OMFG. This guy has been scamming like no before lately. It's sad. Just tonight he scammed @rl_trading_xbox1 for parra. His insta is @aaa2183. Spam him with hate. And btw he was hacked by the same person I was hacked by. #scammer #rocketleague
Good or bad??? #opinions
Finally got something out of a nitro!!!!
Is it just me or are these look different???