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Rocket league middle man and trader. Do accept gift cards.

When you score an kick off goal in rocket league. #rocketleague #rocketleaguetrading
Hope everyone's day is going good! #rocketleague #rocketleaguetrading #lit
Want white zombas. Have saffron Draco, and other stuff. Comment if you have these.
This will trigger half the people who know about overwatch and golden guns, but I'm getting the golden SMG for the memes. And I do like playing zombra in comp/quick play. So it just fits. And if you don't know overwatch at all then just ignore I guess. #overwatchgoldgun #overwatch #rocketleague PS. RL post coming in a few hours.
I'm sorry for the inactivity on my IG lately. I just can't think of anything to post. If you want me to post more overwatch just say overwatch if you want be to post RL, but not daily, comment rocket league. Or if you want me to post both them just comment rocket/overwatch. #rocketleague #overwatch
This happens to me ALL THE TIME. #rocketleague #rocketleaguetrading
I need help on deciding witch golden gun I'm going to get at the end of season 5. I know it's far away but I need opinions. These are the 3 heroes I play in competitive. Witch in your opinion do you think I should get? 1st. 2nd. 3rd. #overwatch #decisions #season5 PS. An RL post will be coming in a few hours.
Power just went out due to a thunder/rain storm. RIP playing Xbox on a Saturday night. #RL #xbox #dang #RIP
YES!!! Out of my first overdrive!!!!! #rocketleague #lit PS. I traded an endo for the overdrive.
Want overdrive have showoff endo, cc2, lime beret, and ara 51
RL is updating!!! #rocketleague #lit #update PS. I'm buying a few keys to open a few of the new crates!
Dope McCree 4 man! #overwatch #rocketleague #4k PS. Sorry for the amount of overwatch content. I just have been taking a break on RL. Eventually I'll make a separate overwatch account. And this is my smurf that I got to plat.
I made a smurf and I was able to get to plat! For some people this isn't very good but for me, it's very good. #overwatch #platinum
Five man dva ultimate. Since this is a rocket league account a very limited amount of people play this game but I decided to post it cause why not? #overwatch #rocketleague #5
Should I trade my saffron Draco for cert tactition grey Draco? #opinions
Any offers around .2-.3? Preferably a lab. #rocketleaguetrading #rocketleaguetrading
Just bought these bad boys!! They look dope. #rocketleaguetrading #rocketleague and I'm sorry for not posting. Again I just haven't known what to post. PS. I paid heat and 10 painted uncommons for the dracos.
Most people won't even know about this game on a RL account. But for those who do, check out my new video/montage. Channel:JakeOD10 #overwatch #idk #hi
Does it look bad or good? #rocketleague #rocketleaguetrading #car
Sorry everyone for not posting I just don't really know what to post. #rocketleague #rocketleaguetrading #idk