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Punking it up with Shamanarchy.......
A very dainty shot of the gorgeous Sam. I call it Sam Ballerina..... This photography malarkey is fun, love creating, working with people to bring something to life. I've given birth, I've given birth! Lol
There punk and they're staying punk!! @shamanarchyuk thinking a little punk gods in this one? Or giants of punk? Feel free to caption lol....
Introducing @shamanarchyuk (Twitter.) A nice chilled taster from the shoot. Had fun shooting these guys in Liverpool the other week. Strange coincidence was that I knew Rowans mum from years ago. Love a bit of synchronicity. Will be posting more pictures from the shoot soon.
Another shot form the shoot. Enough said. Fun times.....
This is one of my personal favs. Dark and edgy yet still soft and beautiful at the same time. It was a spontaneous idea after walking into the room and I love those happy creative accidents...
This ones just fun isn't it, pow! A tree that has lights it's flowers and leaves. The models don't look too bad either. Lol.
A clean beauty shot from a shoot I did late last year. Flattering ring lighting and flowy hair.
Took this picture of @natashaofficial about an hour after I'd popped the question in Rome. (She said yes!) Beautiful life memory and so glad I captured this photograph. This one will be going on the wall somewhere at home. It's a natural light picture taken on my E-M10. That's my fiancé. Happy days. "What the world needs now, is love, sweet love, it's the only thing that there's just to little of." You know that's true after this weekend so let's be proud to love in everyway and spread as much of it as possible. #Paris
The promised land.... Autumnal shot at a castle near where I live. Enough said. We have a beautiful country.
Took this shot of a busker feeling his tunes in Padstow Cornwall in the summer. A fleeting moment of baring his soul and giving it loads. We stopped for 10 mins and ate ice cream if I remember rightly while we listened to him going for it.
Light trails in Old York. #Stonegate I find doing light trails exciting as it's almost make believe. A moving snapshot in a still photograph. If you haven't been to York get it on your bucket list, Vikings, Romans and of course Old England.
The Colosseum. Enough said..... Feel so privileged to have set foot in here. All the stories that have happened. Fascinating...
Nuns the word on a Rome street. Taken with iPhone. I wonder what it's like to be a nun or a monk? She had just been looking at her mobile phone. Like, I wonder if she plays candy crush?
Snapped this sleeping beauty on my iPhone while we were traveling. Love all the (fake) fur textures around her face. And she's totally fast asleep straight up.
#StreetPhotography love catching people when they don't know, not only do the shots look natural but I feel like James Bond when I'm doing it. Waiting for a train. @natashahamilton
The Effel Tower taken last year. Such a cool place. It's higher than you think too!
Random iphone shot of Hammersmith Bridge. Anyone else see a snail kind of?
Josh turns a teen. Alfie likes the sparkler. Oh to be 13 again.