The DIY in me. Don’t get rid of your old dresser. Just put a wrap on it and make it look as good as new. #diy
One good thing about moving is finding those bottles of wine in your storage unit that have been sitting for 7 years. #rioja
Officially done moving. Thanks @buttonupforwhat and @cfathlete_care_clinic for helping me load in and @thebrandonjosie for helping me load out. #roadtrip #nola2pdx
It added at least two and a half hours on to my drive today, but it was totally worth it. #grandcanyon #roadtrip #nola2pdx
Road trip sights
I’d like to introduce everyone to my co-driver. Once we get to Portland she will be giving us all the bitter oranges for our mojo.
Last but certainly not least. My most prized possession Ms.Dio is along for the ride. #elcamino #nola2pdx #roadtrip
All packed and ready to go. Only the essentials. #ducatiscrambler #roadtrip #nola2pdx
Never thought I would say this. Damn! My new guttter guards look sexy. #homeimprovement
Hey FBI. A little late for those NCAA charges. There was a movie about it in 1994. Better late than never.
Great things are gonna be happening.
Second day back in the gym in a month. That 30 inch box was a little higher than I remembered. Ouch!!! #bigeasycrossfit #theshins
There may have been a theme in today's vinyl purchases. #eddiemurphy #80smovies #soundtrack
Old mustard nuts. #oldmustardnuts
I know, right???
@teardroppdx 10 year Anniversary is about to begin!!! #10yearsstrong
One last picture from the ride to tales. I had to peel off from the group today. Off to Portland for the @teardroppdx 10 year anniversary. #wanderingspirits #ridetotales #ridetotales2017 #blueridgeparkway
Day 5 is off to a good start. #wanderingspirits #ridetotales #ridetotales2017