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Lil Scrappy @reallilscrappy

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Just got back in town from my show in Tampa and seen that my lil princess is still sleep and in her dreams lol but she's here and that's all I'm happy for and thank God I have her in my life ,what are you grateful for?
In Tampa tonight at Rollins hall #GGC2017
#sundayfunday finna get litty ya feel me @rawlife247 @rawkandroll
Stay right so yean gotta get right, have a blessed day
@vlivemia lit #GGC2017 in here u feel me
Finna leave the studio and hit this @vlivemia up and touch the beach a lit bit , come fwm and the #GGC2017 @iamcapomoney
Toniznyee its going diznyee in the MIA wit me and the #GGC2017 come fwm fr
I think I'm finna cut my hair pls tell me what u think I should do? Fix it or cut it ? U decide
Tampa me and the #GGC2017 finna come get lit wit y'all on some real personal shizny this Sunday
Man we gone have the city lit tomorrow ya dig @vlivemia and the #GGC gne have that bih onna dif level come fwm
High times
Back to the wrist bandz
And that's how it goes for me point blank perd
Ain't far the damn truth
Lets go get this bag , they say I'm a nobody well lets see where u go and how far u get showing these maggots somebody #endurance