Ray Zate

Ray Zate @rayzate

Chief Photographer at KVVU-TV Fox 5 Vegas | VP & Director Darkroom Creative

Better Call Ray.
#MexicoCity don't just pray, help. @globalgiving @oxfammexico @unicefmexico (click on tag and click on link)
Watching the @emmys2017ig with a few friends. @nataspsw #Another☝🏽
Sunset at Sunset Park.
🚴 #ride
Oh boy. @davehall1990 and I are on the road for #FieldTripFriday in a brand new Chevy Trax. Good thing I didn't eat yesterday, we have a lot of food on this adventure... stay tuned @fox5vegas #ftf #another☝🏽
Her view, incredible! My view, breathtaking! #wcw
Happy birthday to my baby sister @zz_zate !!! 20! Wow. I'm getting old. Love you baby cakes!!!
Fresh Prince of Bel Air Ending. It's been a good run for Spike, Cera and Bear. Goodbye house.
Forget that photographer nonsense... on my anniversary at the station I realized my true calling! #BarTender #HipHopHorn #Another☝🏽
'03 Bonnie & Clyde.
It's only been a year (1 year ago today!) since I joined this team and what we as a team have accomplished in that year is insane. The momentum was already in motion before I got here, I am just grateful to be along for the ride and contributing a small part to what we've done here. We are only getting started. #HipHopHorn @fox5vegas
#PrayForHouston Do more than pray, Donate. https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/hurricane-harvey-relief-fund/
Cheers @thenotoriousmma walks out to the press conference with a bottle of Irish whisky in his hand, sipping from a cup on his other.
Fights over, awaiting the final press conference... #MayMac @fox5vegas
It's Fight Day!!! There it is... History will be made in this ring tonight. #ItsTime #MayMac
Well... @thenotoriousmma or @floydmayweather may be going home with this belt tomorrow... but today, its mine!!! #TheMoneyBelt #AndNew
El Cucuy @tonyfergusonxt