Thea & Vilde

Thea & Vilde @ratasaurious

Hey. I'm newbie to rats. My baby girls are from @fourpawsrattery. 💝

Can I go out and play mom? /Vilde
The girls have moved into the kitchen instead. We are hanging out more here and there is a door. 👌🏼😊
Rastar råttorna ☺️ Vilde är så kär i pappsi
Close up on Thea snacking on mealworms o_O hahahahahhahah afterawards Vilde dropped some mashed worms on my lap...yuek. #ratsofinstagram #ratstagram #öetsofinstagram
Warning. Vilde is snacking on mealworms :) they didnt eat it at first. But when I tried again days after they where loving it.
Footsii. They are so hard to capture on pictures. Thats why I always upload videos lol.
Thea is happy about my donation. Diiirt :-D #petsofinstagram #rats
"What is diiis?" #ratstagram #ratstagram
Show me your cute lil tongue vacuum rat 😍 #ratstagram #ratsofinstagram
Vilde is going crazy about the new rug I put in their cage and Thea is stealing all the shredded news paper 😂❤️❤️
"Just let me looove youuu hooman 😱😱😱" - Vilde
"I think you need a wash." - Thea "Yeah you too buddy" - Vilde
Just to show you how impossible they are. This is one minute with the rats 😄
Wrestling and playtime before bed. They are everywhere haha
Clean cage plus strawberries and other yummy stuff for dinner ✨👍🏼
They wet me with their pee ggaaggaaga
Oh shit hahaha sorry for ugly feet 😍
Sweet potato and a rat ☁️
Watch until the ending. 😍 Thea she knows that mommy will always catch her.
Letting them do the cleaning 🥄🐀